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  • Win With Lynx Peace

    Last post: NZed on 06.03.14 at 12:31 | Started by Gonzala on 03.03.14

    I always try to stick to the popular motto - make love, not war... How nice would this fit into my great outlook on life!

    Peace out! More about Win With Lynx Peace

  • Legs, bum or boobs?

    Last post: NZed on 06.03.14 at 12:29 | Started by andrew007 on 22.01.14

    The problem with breasts are - they are in your face the whole time! So it forces your judgement to be more bias towards the 'twin towers'.
    However, a lady needs to look after herself and to me, first thing I look at is hands, hair and the rest.
    A nice thin ankle definitely also goes a long way! More about Legs, bum or boobs?

  • Win 1 of 10 double movie passes to 300: Rise Of An Empire

    Last post: NZed on 06.03.14 at 12:24 | Started by Micht on 03.02.14

    Answering the age-old question - could the sequel trump the original?
    Well, I am a huge fan of the original 300, I even did some of the training programs that hit the scene after the release...

    So let me help you answer the question above, pleeeeezzz More about Win 1 of 10 double movie passes to 300: Rise Of An Empire

  • Meat v Vegie???????

    Last post: NZed on 10.02.14 at 14:01 | Started by James on 27.11.13

    People that say meat is bad have no clue what they are talking about, full stop. Then I can say in the same way that all Kiwis are Rugby fanatics...
    Firstly if you make a statement like that, are you suggesting all meat (red and white) and all cuts (Chicken breast vs. chicken thighs with skin) are junk? What do those people think our fore fathers lived on? I bet you it wasn't only potatoes and berries!! They definitely ate meat, but would not have been the same ratio right through the year because of various reasons.

    It is common sense that e.g. Chicken breast is more healthy than thighs or drumsticks because of fat content in the meat and skin.
    It is also common sense that certain cuts of red meat is healthier than others (ostrich fillet for example has almost no fat, very high in protein, ideal!)
    Your body needs protein, full stop. That makes your muscles function. And your body needs fat (What do you think does your brain consist of?) If you only eat veggies, what is providing your body with protein? I can assure you kumara and broccoli are not gonna give that.
    It comes down to healthy fats, healthy carbs, healthy cuts of meat and of course moderate portions on your plate.
    I am all for meat, but I choose my portions and cuts wisely. Sure I will indulge over the weekend, but I generally monitor what I eat.
    Careful what you read, do some good research, lots of guys go on fads or 'flavor of the month' type diets, etc. then they make it look like its the best thing since sliced bread.
    Well done for trying it though, now you know from first-hand experience it wouldn't work for you. More about Meat v Vegie???????

  • Win One Of Four NIVEA MEN Deodorant Gift Packs

    Last post: NZed on 10.02.14 at 13:35 | Started by Micht on 10.02.14

    Yeah, I am one of the pigs that sweat profusely when I just look at anything active, so I would highly appreciate a bunch of these good stuff! i have used it before, it genuinely smells fresh and clean! More about Win One Of Four NIVEA MEN Deodorant Gift Packs

  • Our beloved Black Caps.

    Last post: NZed on 17.12.13 at 15:06 | Started by New Member on 20.11.12

    Look, if they want to contest in test cricket, firstly they need a spot where the pitch and weather would hold up for 5 days. NZ is not a great place for that.
    Secondly, the batsmen must be able to stand out there and bat for at least 2 full days. One small piece of the problem pie is the reason/s above, but a big chunk of that is patience... there is no patience in the batting order. There's a mentality of 'You are either a six or a nix' in the squad it seems. Look on average how well the former South Africans are doing in the squad (those that get picked). THEN look at where NZ sit in the T20 rankings - they are relatively good at it because they only want to hit hard (They are even coached from as little as 5 years old to lift the bat high and go after the ball, to block a ball seems silly to them) So the mind shift should start to happen from a very young age in this country.

    Well, that's my 2 cents More about Our beloved Black Caps.

  • Win 1 Pair Of Boots From The Samba Collection

    Last post: NZed on 17.12.13 at 14:54 | Started by charmed on 16.12.13

    You little b e a u t y !!! I'll be the boss on the pitch with these on da feet! More about Win 1 Pair Of Boots From The Samba Collection

  • wendys bacon and mushroom melt

    Last post: NZed on 10.12.13 at 08:39 | Started by Ang Babe on 09.09.13

    My first general impression of Wendy's was shear disappointment - Long queue, tasteless burgers, unacceptable presentation and then I had to fork out waaaayyy more than I would've at burger king next door.

    But then...
    I closed my eyes, bit my lip and drove up for a second time, and this time I ordered the bacon & mushroom melt.
    The difference was like day and night. I still had to endure quite a queue, but in the end I loved the burger, the kiddies meals were much better (more bang for buck) and the presentation was excellent.

    Well done Wendy's More about wendys bacon and mushroom melt

  • Win a copy of True Grit. By Bear Grylls RRP $37.99

    Last post: NZed on 10.12.13 at 08:34 | Started by Judy on 09.12.13

    Would LUUUUUVVVVVV this! More about Win a copy of True Grit. By Bear Grylls RRP $37.99

  • Who Skips Breakfast?

    Last post: NZed on 25.11.13 at 15:06 | Started by Flashgg on 26.09.12

    I would never be able to skip breakfast, for me it gets me going, with a cuppa too of course! I can testify that if there's any protein in your breakfast, it keeps you fuller for longer, and thats basically the first thing your body wants after an 8 hour nap (that and water naturally).

    I sometimes chug down a smoothie that has a few fruits, nuts, yoghurt and at least 1 egg in it, works a charm!
    More about Who Skips Breakfast?

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