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  • Things that...

    Last post: Keinzley on 20.05.11 at 08:50 | Started by George on 05.07.07

    I think "T" should be "The person who wrote this"..

    Please get laid some time in the next decade and you might find that a lot of this stuff becomes a lot less annoying..

    And FYI.. If you don't like a place to go to/shop at.. a program/sport on TV.. A person in the media.. Simple: Don't go to the place.. Change the channel.. dont read the articles.. But please.. PLEASE.. Stop whining! More about Things that...

  • Borderlands

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Keinzley on 09.02.10

    Currently playing this with my flat mate in two player mode and we are about half way through. VERY VERY fun and addictive game but do not like it as much in single player!! Definitely recommend co-op. More about Borderlands

  • In Defense of Canned Beer

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Tony on 16.06.09

    Ok granted this article is about as recycled as the product we are talking about (originally posted back in October 2008 - see:, on the original, there was a guy who posted something that ended the argument:

    "Is this meant to be satire? - the article is a joke.

    1: What kind of muppet leaves a beer in the sun?: keep beer in the fridge or a chilly-bin and IT STAYS COLD.

    2:If you can't lift a bottle of beer, you aren't old enough to drink one. Bottles are made from glass (aka sand), so extraction of raw material and therefore environmental damage is far lower than extraction of Aluminium, an element in the earth crust. Bottles CAN and ARE reused.

    3:Breakage encourages you to not be a mongol and punishes those who are. See also: Darwinism

    4: Go back to the states. Frank needs some NZ writers, all the beer ive seen in this country in cans is a joke: take lion red and double brown, victoria bitter and waikato draft as prime examples.

    5: They might be easier to hold, but back to my previous argument, if you can't deal with it, you're not old enough to drink beer.

    6: Do you want ALL the kids to be able to open up a pack in the playground, or is it just for your special friends? and is it just me or is this a repeat of point 5? - There's something cool about the whole process of searching for an opener or someone hard enough to open a bottle with their eye.

    On top of this:

    IT JUST TASTES BETTER. Bottled beer doesn't taint the flavor of it with metallic shite.
    The ultimate is in a glass, but second to that ill have it in a bottle.

    and to kick you in the balls by quoting yourself:

    "beer in bottles was classier and cooler and better than beer in cans. That bottles should forever and for always be the gold standard of drinking and quality beer" - YOU

    So, in conclusion, using your own arguments: Its classier, cooler to drink from a bottle, tastes better and is just as good for the environment than cans. If you want to drink your swill from a can go hard, but don't try bag on those of us who know what we're talking about. "
    More about In Defense of Canned Beer

  • Fun Conversation Openers That Make Women Interested

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Keinzley on 28.08.08

    hmmm.. I see that being a plane crash... "hi.. how you going? Btw.. wats your favourite word?" More about Fun Conversation Openers That Make Women Interested

  • Game Review: Rock Band for Xbox 360/PS3

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Simon on 25.09.08

    Bought this 2 weeks ago and pretty much havn't stopped playing yet!! EPIC!!! More about Game Review: Rock Band for Xbox 360/PS3

  • 1963 Ford Galaxie 500

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Leighton on 07.10.08

    This car may be a good 25 years older then me but GOD DAMN I want it! The Japanese can make cars.. granted.. but there is just something about cars like this that gota give you goosebumps! Can I have one when I grow up please? :D More about 1963 Ford Galaxie 500

  • In Defense of Canned Beer

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by bryn on 13.06.08

    I have a funny feeling.. this dude got schooled by anonymous! OWNED! More about In Defense of Canned Beer

  • Death Race DVD's

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Mal on 11.03.09

    I had got caught up one at work one night (doing night shift) because of an All Blacks game and offered a girl from work a ride home. By this stage it was about 11:30pm and I only had my restricted licence.

    Driving along the motorway and I see this set of headlights coming roaring up behind me. I was doing about 105km/h and he was flying past me.

    The next corner on the motorway was a blind corner and as soon as he went around it I saw him hit the anchors pretty hard and then he was doing about 90km/h there after. As I cam around the corner I saw a cop on the other side of the vally.

    as we get closer the cop hits the lights but lets the other car past and pulls me over. Slightly freaking out the cop tells me he go ME doing 133km/h. I told him (very nicely ofcorse) that he had to be joking to which he replied "Mate, you are after hours with a pasenger, I would shut up very quickly if i was you!"

    He let me off with a $380 fine for just the speeding. 40 demerits later! More about Death Race DVD's

  • Months training @ CrossFit New Zealand

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Chris on 17.11.08

    I decided to take "A couple of weeks off" after we lost our semi final for rugby and missed out on reps due to injury.. 3 months later and its still "I'll start on monday...." hmmmm..... More about Months training @ CrossFit New Zealand

  • 21 DVD's

    Last post: Keinzley on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Rosie on 15.10.08

    Wen I was back at primary skool, marbles got banned because of the damage we were doing to walls etc so there was a shit load of kids with a shit load of marbles and nothing to do with them. So some bright spark decided a way of splaying poker for marbles and different marbles had different values etc. Was genious. Went on for several months right up until some kid lost all his marble.. Told his mum and she went to the principle. ahhh.. those were the days. More about 21 DVD's


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