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  • About

    Last post: gerryg on 19.09.16 at 18:57 | Started by Mere on 01.06.11

    How do I get my weekly newsletter up and running again as it just stopped. More about About

  • Dog or cats?

    Last post: gerryg on 24.08.16 at 18:46 | Started by Gabser on 23.06.14

    Cats for sure, we have to female cats named Itchy and Scratchy 2 female sisters we have had them going on 7 yrs now. One is long haired the other short haired. Even though they are sisters they are polar opposites one very out going the other very quiet and keeps to herself. They have been true members of our family and we love every second they are with us. More about Dog or cats?

  • Win with The Loop Duty Free

    Last post: gerryg on 24.08.16 at 18:38 | Started by gerryg on 24.08.16

    Fantastic prize pack More about Win with The Loop Duty Free

  • Diabetes - The progressive killer

    Last post: gerryg on 16.06.16 at 17:24 | Started by Life Member on 02.07.12

    I recently had a blood test and my doctor told me I was Pre Diabetic and should be very careful about my diet.This came as a bit of a shock as the year before I was diagnosed with Emphysema C.O.P.D and AF heart trouble. Then later in the same year my arthritis medication had to be changed. So the last thing I needed was to be told I could be diabetic. I thought I was pretty good with the things I ate and tried to exercise as much as I could. As I am 63 I have slowed down a lot, but you can't keep a good man down. More about Diabetes - The progressive killer

  • Win NEW Harraways Steel Cut Oats!

    Last post: gerryg on 16.06.16 at 17:10 | Started by David on 16.06.16

    I do love Harraways, can't wait to try these. More about Win NEW Harraways Steel Cut Oats!

  • Cold Weather

    Last post: gerryg on 13.07.15 at 16:25 | Started by Shaun on 13.07.15

    Cold weather I can take, rain and sleet I can take, but these morning frosts, have me, my wife and our cats heading for the heaters. Every morning for the past week and a bit we just do not want to get out of bed,and when we do we are dressed to with extra pants, extra shirts and extra socks, bring on summer so we can all wake up without that freezing feeling.
    More about Cold Weather

  • Win new Friskies Tasty Treasures flavours

    Last post: gerryg on 13.07.15 at 16:15 | Started by melanie on 13.07.15

    Itchy and Scratchy love Friskies, just ask them. More about Win new Friskies Tasty Treasures flavours

  • Win a California Sandbag Summer Revival Pack

    Last post: gerryg on 27.05.15 at 11:50 | Started by Gscas on 11.05.15

    Wow, great prize. More about Win a California Sandbag Summer Revival Pack

  • Irish Tradition

    Last post: gerryg on 25.05.15 at 14:12 | Started by Maoriboi on 10.07.11

    Not bad at all, from one Irishman to anoder. More about Irish Tradition


    Last post: gerryg on 19.05.15 at 19:16 | Started by John on 14.12.13

    The Xmas Spirit for me for the past 30 odd years has usually been my wife and I having a Xmas night meal out and a few drinks to lighten up things.Then about 3 years ago I started catching up with family I have not seen in a very long time.Most of this was through the internet which I am very thankful for, I have even caught up with my long lost daughter. So the Xmas Spirit for me has really changed for the better and Xmas has a lot more meaning. More about XMAS SPIRIT

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