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  • The Kiwi blokes guide to hair care by leading trichologist Nigel Russell

    Last post: Mark on 13.08.12 at 15:44 | Started by Nigelmc on 13.08.12

    Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders are about half the price of the products recommended here for dandruff. More about The Kiwi blokes guide to hair care by leading trichologist Nigel Russell

  • Home Is Where The Value Is

    Last post: Mark on 16.07.12 at 12:43 | Started by Mark on 16.07.12

    Thanks Rodney
    Often it takes someone from outside our perspective to remind ourselves how good it is here. Great job at Hobsonville, too. More about Home Is Where The Value Is

  • Blades Club

    Last post: Mark on 18.05.12 at 12:22 | Started by Mark on 18.05.12

    Shouldn't the membership be on an invite basis rather than an application basis? It seems a bit distasteful to have to apply, as opposed to being invited to join. More about Blades Club

  • Avoid common marketing mistakes

    Last post: Mark on 24.04.12 at 15:04 | Started by TTT on 22.02.11

    Mistakes 1,4,5,7 (esp. #5)

    Funny. I publish specifically targeted magazines to a homeowner market doing building work ( but it's amazing to me the number of ad agencies (you would think that THEY should know better) and marketers who prefer mass market publications because they have a larger readership. Dumb marketing and wasted money. More about Avoid common marketing mistakes

  • Caipiroska

    Last post: Mark on 01.02.12 at 09:37 | Started by michele on 11.07.10

    This has to be the best drink invented - doesn't matter if it's 3pm or 3am. Refreshing, powerful and eminently drinkable. More about Caipiroska

  • What does your car say about you?

    Last post: Mark on 08.09.11 at 15:42 | Started by shiny on 05.09.11

    Cars totally talk. They scream so much about you - your wealth, your social position, your style and taste. Even people who don't care about cars buy cars that say lots about them. More about What does your car say about you?

  • Skills that all men should know

    Last post: Mark on 03.09.11 at 21:00 | Started by JohnGx on 21.07.11

    well hello DeeDee More about Skills that all men should know

  • Capital Gains Tax - good idea or crap?

    Last post: Mark on 25.07.11 at 14:12 | Started by Mark on 21.07.11

    Even though the last bubble is well and truly over with, surely we want to prevent another. Labour didn't introduce it during their last term because they would have been tossed out faster than they ended up being because everyone was wallowing in false wealth. Why would a CGT scare off investors unless they want to invest in property (which won't do anything for NZ inc anyway)? Other countries have a CGT - Australia, UK, US, etc - investors aren't scared of investing there. And your comment that investment properties are a great setup for retirement may be okay if you make enough capital gain from the properties, but the money you invest in property would better serve NZ by investing in businesses - which is what the CGT is trying to incentivise. What I don't get is why National and ACT are so opposed to it when an idea like this should naturally come from the right. More about Capital Gains Tax - good idea or crap?

  • How Often Should I Exercise?

    Last post: Mark on 25.07.11 at 14:03 | Started by marty on 21.07.11

    Guys - it's a lifestyle and lifelong commitment thing. Lay off shit food, make sure you walk whenever possible and FFS WALK up 3 flights of stairs. The killer is incremental weight gain - half a Kg per year means by the time you're 50 you've added 25Kgs to what you weigh at 25 years old. Is that what you want? More about How Often Should I Exercise?

  • brownie points/demerits and the art of balance

    Last post: Mark on 21.07.11 at 14:11 | Started by Mark on 21.07.11

    In my general experience, of which there is sufficient without being ridiculously promiscuous, brownie points have a half-live of about 13 nanoseconds. Demerit points, on the other hand, last forever. So for any male to remain on the good side of his loved one, he must constantly work at building up brownie points to remain in credit for the inevitable f*** ups that will completely destroy his position. Ask any woman and I am sure they will confirm. That is all. More about brownie points/demerits and the art of balance

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