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  • V graphite giveaway

    Last post: Lee on 28.08.13 at 19:53 | Started by nuttydread on 26.08.13

    Wow, I'm starting to think that this guy should get some - just so that we don't choke up the mortuaries with bodies. However, I could think of a few evil people that this guy should be introduced too! More about V graphite giveaway

  • Win with ALLEN'S Lollies

    Last post: Lee on 15.07.13 at 16:13 | Started by rosey on 15.07.13

    I got the email this afternoon and saw the new flavours available so while I was out, I managed to sneak in a bag of the Sour ones into the shopping trolley. And they are as good as I hoped they would be - really strong sour flavour. Since they will not last until my son gets home, it would be really nice to get a bag to give to him. I will of course eat the other one. Hopefully, he will want the Sour ones but if wants to have the Funfair ones then I am sure that I could easily bring myself to eat the Sour ones again. More about Win with ALLEN'S Lollies

  • Win with McDonald's

    Last post: Lee on 09.07.13 at 19:05 | Started by skoota681 on 08.07.13

    I am always trying to get my son to try other burgers from McDonalds. He usually has a cheese or double cheese or triple cheese and refuses to try any other just in case he does not like it. Whereas, I try all the new burgers just in case I do like it. The lamb ones were yummy and I can't wait till our next visit as even if I do not win the voucher, I will still try one of the Big Tasty (or two) and their wedges and the choc pudding even though the pudding is like $4.80 (or something like that), which is shocking for a little pudding so it better be worth it! More about Win with McDonald's

  • Win with Danny's Pita Bread

    Last post: Lee on 09.07.13 at 18:59 | Started by shadowshaded on 08.07.13

    What a great selection! It is nice to see Frank have a healthy option for competitions and I am sure that my Doctor would be very impressed if I said that I was eating pita bread instead of the white bread I have in my freezer. More about Win with Danny's Pita Bread

  • Win with Subway

    Last post: Lee on 09.07.13 at 18:56 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 08.07.13

    Subway is the perfect school lunch. Lunchtimes at school are perfectly timed to avoid the 12 o'clock rush and it is great to tease and torment the students by eating it in front of them because I can leave school to get whatever I want and they have to eat the skody pies that the Canteen sells. More about Win with Subway

  • Win with Lindt Creation

    Last post: Lee on 09.07.13 at 18:50 | Started by carole on 08.07.13

    I have been eyeing up the new range for a few weeks now. It would make a marvellous way to celebrate the holidays and my new permanent job. Instead of finishing at the end of the year, I will now be dealing with teenagers for the foreseeable future. I think I will need a decent chocolate hit followed by a few bottles from the top shelf. More about Win with Lindt Creation

  • Win a Tui firemagic winter warmer prize pack

    Last post: Lee on 24.06.13 at 18:31 | Started by shadowshaded on 24.06.13

    I just spent the weekend hanging up extra curtains after having an epiphany - what if it is not the fire but that fact that I have no curtains in the adjoining (through an archway) kitchen that is making the lounge/kitchen cool instead of warm. Well, DUH! the curtains work. How you described coming home in your opening paragraph is exactly what happens here except I am usually outside in my raincoat and gumboots and passing the wood through a bedroom window to my warm, dry son. I am also going to have to sweet talk my dad into dropping off some more wood as I have about 2 weeks worth left. Maybe Afghan biscuits will work???? More about Win a Tui firemagic winter warmer prize pack

  • Win with Baileys

    Last post: Lee on 06.05.13 at 18:55 | Started by skoota681 on 06.05.13

    I personally have fond memories of B52's - Kahlua, topped with Bailey's and Cointreau. So if I bought a bottle of Bailey's then I would also have to buy the other two. However, if I was given a bottle of Bailey's then I might be tempted to try out a new flavour fudge made with Bailey's Irish Cream. My mum is always saying that the local sweet shop makes it so I should add the flavour to my repertoire. The nougat recipe looks interesting and I am sure that I could find a few hundred recipes to use up any leftovers if my glass doesn't use them up for me. More about Win with Baileys

  • Win McDonald's vouchers

    Last post: Lee on 25.03.13 at 19:30 | Started by NotTheMan on 25.03.13

    I was trying to read the description of the American burgers but I was distracted by the pick up lines banner - Most awesome guys. Anyway, we are due to go to McD's in the next two weeks. I know, mean mum who rations out the trips to the takeaway stores but the voucher would definitely come in handy. Especially for my son who finds it hard to try something different. I had to pack a stinky last time we were in McD's and refused to buy anything until he got one of those yummy lamb burgers. He loved it, of course and totally did not regret it. With any luck, the American range will also be loved although knowing him, reluctantly tried. More about Win McDonald's vouchers

  • Win Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on PlayStation 3

    Last post: Lee on 25.03.13 at 19:24 | Started by NotTheMan on 25.03.13

    This would make a perfect birthday present for my son. Now granted, his birthday is not until July but that means that I can play it (and clock it) before I wrap it up for him. I know, I know, absolutely shocking, but what do you want me to do - lie?? He has gotten his gamer joy from me - its in our genes so I don't even think that he would expect me not to play it. Although, now that I am typing this, I am starting to feel a bit guilty even though I haven't done it yet. Okay, okay, if I do win a copy of Sly Cooper, then I will wrap it and hide it in the wardrobe and then I will probably find it again, hopefully before his birthday. If not, then Christmas here we come. More about Win Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on PlayStation 3


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