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  • What's your favourite quote?

    Last post: Kerry on 30.08.16 at 22:37 | Started by JasonMantis on 21.08.11

    Years ago I attended a seminar where a guy named Stephen Tindall handed out fridge magnets with his company logo.

    "The best thing you can spend on your children is....TIME."

    It's still on the fridge. Smart guy that Stephen Tindall. More about What's your favourite quote?

  • Win with The Loop Duty Free

    Last post: Kerry on 30.08.16 at 22:15 | Started by gerryg on 24.08.16

    Looks like a great prize. Flying out to Oz in 5 weeks so will be checking out the online shopping option. More about Win with The Loop Duty Free

  • Win a Hummer H3

    Last post: Kerry on 12.05.14 at 22:03 | Started by Annamarie on 09.05.14

    Choice!!! More about Win a Hummer H3

  • Great sunday `Mans` breakfast / brunch.

    Last post: Kerry on 24.02.14 at 19:37 | Started by Richard on 25.11.13

    Sunday is the standard sausages, bacon, hash brown, scrambled eggs (done in the pan, not the woosy microwave) with OJ and coffee. Keeps me going for most of the day. More about Great sunday `Mans` breakfast / brunch.

  • Tips to reduce stress during christmas

    Last post: Kerry on 11.12.13 at 21:05 | Started by riven on 30.12.12

    I gave up the last minute race around to sort out Christmas. Pressie shopping is started about June and finished well before the carparks become impossible. The big day is planned so that most of "Christmas" is over by early afternoon then the afternoon is set aside for putting one's feet up with a nice beer or cider. More about Tips to reduce stress during christmas

  • Win a men's wax and facial treatment

    Last post: Kerry on 11.11.13 at 22:10 | Started by Judy on 11.11.13

    Dare I say it, I'm getting old. A few more lines on the face, hair growing where you don't really want it to. A mini facial with a back & shoulder wax would go a long way to getting the body tidy for summer. More about Win a men's wax and facial treatment

  • Win with Bacardi

    Last post: Kerry on 11.11.13 at 22:06 | Started by LUCKYONE on 11.11.13

    Rich and warm, with a hint of smoke. Top notes of maple and honey followed by
    vanilla and caramel… sound drinkable? Hello! Is the Pope catholic? Sounds like it's very drinkable, so drinkable that I can't wait to try it. More about Win with Bacardi

  • What chain of gym is the better one?

    Last post: Kerry on 21.10.13 at 21:36 | Started by H. on 21.10.13

    I'm lucky that there is a small gym at work. So I was able to give up attending a commercial gym. But when I was I would attend a gym that was either close to home or close to work, usually one that was close to work. Go in early before work, beat the traffic. Or train after work for a better drive home. As long as the gym is clean, tidy and has the equipment that you want to use then it doesn't matter if it is a chain or not. The only reason you would need a chain would be if you travel a lot. That way you could train while you were away from home. Otherwise, choose one that is convenient and has what you need. The name isn't so important. More about What chain of gym is the better one?

  • Win a Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit

    Last post: Kerry on 21.10.13 at 21:18 | Started by Judy on 21.10.13

    Make me look like Jason Statham? Does it come with a white shirt and black suit as well? More about Win a Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit

  • What is or was the best TV series ever (and please don't mention DALLAS)

    Last post: Kerry on 19.08.13 at 21:22 | Started by H. on 18.03.13

    The best? It would imply that a series stands out against not just it's current competition but also those that came after it. Gunsmoke, a legendary western. Little House on the Prairie, the popular family watch. Dr Who, the everlasting British sci fi. The Simpsons, a cartoon classic. M*A*S*H, the long running part comedy, part political statement and holder of the most watched finale. Are these better than the likes of the SVU series? The original C.S.I.? Sons of Arnarchy (can't wait for September), Game of Thrones, Friends or Seinfield? For me, it has to be M*A*S*H. Because it was able to move on from it's comedic origins based on the original motion picture to make, sometime quite serious, statements. Time may have aged them but many of my generation can easily recall Klinger, Radar, Hawkeye, Trapper John, Hotlips Houlihan, Frank Burns, Colonel Blake, Colonel Potter, BJ Hunnicutt, Charles Emerson Winchester the Third, Father Mulcahy and others. More about What is or was the best TV series ever (and please don't mention DALLAS)


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