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  • 25 year of Waterpolo in Glenfield

    Last post: Bronek on 08.11.11 at 19:41 | Started by Bronek on 08.11.11

    It has been 25 years since Glenfield social waterpolo league began, to celebrate this monumental achievement we will be hosting a tournament at the Glenfield pools.

    The tournament will be held over a couple of days over Easter 2012, there will be plenty of time to socialise and get together with old friends between games and that socials at night.

    I know many people have enjoyed and have helped make our league a success over the years.

    This will be an event that you will not want to miss!!

    Please pass this on to anyone who would be interested, more details on our facebook page: Glenfield Social Waterpolo

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  • Win all of Frank's Top 7 in Style - March 2011

    Last post: Bronek on 14.03.11 at 21:00 | Started by Middleearth on 14.03.11

    Has to be the Speakers, these are awesome, I would love a set!! More about Win all of Frank's Top 7 in Style - March 2011

  • Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

    Last post: Bronek on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Reuben on 13.05.10

    Firstly I would get the parents to pick up my son for the night, first thing in the morning, I would tell my wife to go back to bed and get out when she was ready, there would be a fresh pot of tea, waffles with bacon, banana & syrup waiting for her (her favorite breakfast). After a relaxing breakfast I would ask her to get ready for the perfect day, when she is ready we would then take off and I would drive her the the hilton hotel on the waterfront, in Auckland, a place my wife has always wanted to stay, once checked in we go to the day spa at the hotel, my wife to relax and be pampered, myself for an hour long massage, once we are fully relaxed, it is time to go back to the room and just relax for a few hours before getting ready for dinner.
    The limo will arrive and in the back of it will be 6 sunflowers (my wife's favorite flowers) we will take in the sights Auckland has to offer and either wind up in Mission Bay or Parnell for Dinner and over good food & drink we will reconnect as adult, not as parents, after dinner & dessers it is off to town to dance some of the night away before we retire for the night in our room of luxury. More about Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland


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