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  • Holden Cruze

    Last post: Doiis on 22.04.11 at 10:37 | Started by JamesM on 17.04.11

    In 20 years I wonder if this style of interior (namely the dashboard) will retain their sleek elegant look and become "classic" or whether it will look tacky. More about Holden Cruze

  • 2005 Toyota Hilux SR5 – Thrillbilly

    Last post: Doiis on 14.04.11 at 19:54 | Started by barnes10 on 07.04.11

    Looks pretty badass, but given the choice I would have to pick the Amarok More about 2005 Toyota Hilux SR5 – Thrillbilly

  • The Canterbury Enabling Act 2.0

    Last post: Doiis on 14.04.11 at 19:48 | Started by Doiis on 13.04.11

    Better to sit down and make decent, educated policy than to rush it and make mistakes. IMO anyway. More about The Canterbury Enabling Act 2.0

  • Volkswagen Amarok

    Last post: Doiis on 11.04.11 at 19:27 | Started by Roly on 01.04.11

    My old mans been going on about how hes gonna get one of these beasts since they ripped up in the Dakar 2010. Personally, I doubt he could fit it in the garage. Its definitely a mans car meant for shredding the paddocks and hauling mountains, but no doubt we'll be seeing them spotless and under-used in supermarket parking lots More about Volkswagen Amarok

  • Dog For Sale

    Last post: Doiis on 11.04.11 at 16:59 | Started by Doiis on 11.04.11

    Damn thats a huge b*tch! More about Dog For Sale

  • Travel Caribbean

    Last post: Doiis on 11.04.11 at 16:53 | Started by Prettyboy on 16.06.08

    apart from warm weather, clear seas and masses of tropical fish to catch!. Doesn't have the Phoenix though... More about Travel Caribbean

  • Linksys E3000

    Last post: Doiis on 11.04.11 at 16:41 | Started by New Member on 11.04.11

    Haha I feel your pain Saba. Streaming with the stock telecom router in a flat of 8 is enough to give the Dalai Lama a fit (assuming he wanted to watch TV)! You know what I'm talking about Alex. This linksys doesn't look like its capable of "ERROR: WIRELESS DISCONNECTION/CONNECTION INTERRUPTED" and it'd sure as hell get me through a game of Bad Company 2. If .mkv files are the only thing it struggles with then chuck me on the contestants list! More about Linksys E3000

  • Skincare tips

    Last post: Doiis on 02.04.11 at 11:32 | Started by Sene on 25.10.07

    I drink my water in the form of COFFEE! I used to think creams were for women but not anymore. I exercise in the swimming pool which makes my face feels like paper. It put me off for a bit but then my girl told me to try some cream and now swimming is my favourite form of cardio. More about Skincare tips

  • Reinstating democracy

    Last post: Doiis on 02.04.11 at 10:54 | Started by Hippynz on 29.03.11

    Interesting read- I tend to agree. The fact that one party has guaranteed seats into parliament undermines the whole idea. Its not 1867 anymore. Having said that, Erenakelly is right. The public may be mis-informed on some matter of something and oppose legislation that may have moved the country forward. I work in biological sciences and have attended many seminars regarding the faulty communication between lay and scientific communities which have halted progress in the past. The publics view on things like the anti-smacking law on the other hand could and should have been taken into account. Tough one. More about Reinstating democracy

  • Win all of Frank's Top 7 in Style - March 2011

    Last post: Doiis on 14.03.11 at 11:20 | Started by Middleearth on 14.03.11

    I've had my eye on those Logitech S715i rechargeable speakers for quite some time. They would make an unbeatable companion on the long hours fishing around the dunedin coast More about Win all of Frank's Top 7 in Style - March 2011

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