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  • $250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

    Last post: Bolske on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Tania Anderson on 05.02.11

    I DO BELEAVE, my sweetest sweetheart, will definantly appreciate and enjoy some pampering from Spa Ayurda!
    She works at home looking after our kids, and also studys .
    My hunny never demands anything from me, but i give what i can, all she ever wants at the end ov the day from me is a back massage . Done professionally, with a bit more than what i can do i know she will say its A+ with only hearing about it . More about $250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

  • Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

    Last post: Bolske on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Reuben on 13.05.10

    Hmmm .
    Just to have time with your woman and just you is and should be great, exciteing, a memorable night/day, wel to me :)
    As im allways at work or playing league, and our two babys are at home, so time byourselfs don't come around much .
    A romantic night : Pick her up, go play minigolf etc, a fun game easy as, so she don't have to be no tiger to play this, you allways can slip in the kiss, the hugs, as she takes that swing or you can say everypoint scored take off some clothes haha .
    Then go scoop up a beverage ov some sort and take a walk down the beach or somewhere nice, during this your bound to get them kisses and hugs with your gurl also you get to talk and chill with her, also make a trip to the park allways fun to play about like kids again .
    Then lay down and watch the sun set on the beach, as that happens youll see the stars rise its nice, well to me, you may get the touching the kissing with her if you like .
    Then back to the Hilton, and enjoy your stay, it will be a great night with the view and other props, and from what iv'e herd its an outstanding stay .
    You also got to be real nice, and you have to make her feel like a queen and your number one, if not no use doin any ovv this .


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