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  • Funny Pictures - The Crack Up Collection - 05 September 2011

    Last post: Sam on 09.09.11 at 14:01 | Started by Neville on 06.09.11

    testing More about Funny Pictures - The Crack Up Collection - 05 September 2011

  • Why are car parks flat?

    Last post: Sam on 05.09.11 at 19:00 | Started by Sam on 05.09.11

    awesome!! keep asking 'why', there is so much we just accept without question. parking for elderly or disabled would still need to be flat for access reasons. peoples peace of mind and comfort might be a factor, but hence the price discrimination. More about Why are car parks flat?

  • Forum suggestions

    Last post: Sam on 31.08.11 at 11:45 | Started by DeviousX on 21.07.11

    yeh, then all i have to do is keep coming up with newb profile names and email addresses! sweet! More about Forum suggestions

  • Facts about Whisky

    Last post: Sam on 31.08.11 at 10:10 | Started by Jessica on 17.08.07

    neat glenfiddich 12yo in the evenings. you beaut. More about Facts about Whisky

  • Just cruising

    Last post: Sam on 31.08.11 at 10:06 | Started by Simon on 24.01.07

    apparently works out cheaper than checking into a rest-home, with better health services and shit, so bundle up the olds and chuck 'em on a boat. also pretty sure motion sickness isn't too much of a problem when the ships are so big? More about Just cruising

  • Adelaide attractions

    Last post: Sam on 31.08.11 at 10:04 | Started by barnes10 on 08.10.07

    moving to adelaide next year because wages are slightly lower than other places, but cost of living is heaps lower, so should come out better off over all. and if i have to live in aussie, this place sounds the least aussie-like place in which to do that. More about Adelaide attractions

  • Roasted black pepper chicken

    Last post: Sam on 31.08.11 at 10:01 | Started by Sam on 31.08.11

    this looks awesome, the missus is going to have to get her a into g. More about Roasted black pepper chicken

  • Wallabies still have a lot to prove

    Last post: Sam on 30.08.11 at 20:34 | Started by Sam on 30.08.11

    no worries, this will just remind the boys that they're going to need to work for it, they can't take anything forgranted, just what they needed before world cup.

    hope cooper doesn't get up from the first ruck they get him in. prick. powers that be decided that it was probably accidental. wtf?? if nothing else he knew richie was there and didn't try to NOT knee him. More about Wallabies still have a lot to prove

  • The cost of banning Kronic

    Last post: Sam on 04.08.11 at 10:57 | Started by Sam on 04.08.11

    pandering to paranoia = smart politics. it's got nothing to do with the properties and effects of kronic, it's just that a boogie man under the bed galvanises voters, and dunne has positioned himself to benefit.

    i've never smoked kronic, and i don't plan to. i'd never even heard of it until the media told me it was evil and that i should be afraid of the effects it will have on society and so vote for anyone who will ban it. More about The cost of banning Kronic

  • The Participation Economy, Pt. 1

    Last post: Sam on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Tania Anderson on 19.10.09

    I'm fascinated by this piece, and look forward to KR explaining it in more detail. Hopefully if provides a deeper understanding of the cause and effect relationships behind the changes we are seeing every day.
    For example, concepts like viral marketing where there is no formal marketing or advertising and everything is communicated by the users. This is turn means that use increases value, doing away with the traditional system of 'user pays', because the more users that use it, the more it is worth, so the price to the consumer is set at $0 to maximize demand, as seen in the Google paradigm. Where do these developments leave the older economic models? KR, I wait with baited breath.
    Another change we see today is the emphasis given to Knowledge Management. Knowledge is an inherently 'fuzzy' human concept, therefore to manage it requires steps such cultivating an organizational culture with less formal structure and more emphasis given to trust, communicating an individuals knowledge, and a sense of an individuals, wait for it, participation. So the participation economy is already being seen in the workplace.
    Am I right in saying this is almost totally due to the development of the internet, which has shrunk the world drastically by providing instant communication of ideas and information?
    KR, I'm looking forward to Part 2.
    More about The Participation Economy, Pt. 1


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