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  • STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

    Last post: Steve on 14.05.12 at 13:06 | Started by Tania Malligan on 08.05.09

    Unless you use a chainsaw practically every day, in the long term it's probably more cost-effective to hire rather than buy. By hiring, you can usually guarantee that the saw has been maintained and serviced and sharpened, and safety gear comes as part of the hire, along with fuel, lube and containers. You save on the costs of maintenance - chains and chain sharpening, filter replacement and tuning and other parts which inevitably wear over time, and some which deteriorate even when the saw is on the shelf. Hire firms usually stock good quality gear like Stihl, so you win all the way. More about STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

  • STIHL Chainsaw Safety Awareness Week Giveaway

    Last post: Steve on 14.05.12 at 12:55 | Started by carmar89 on 14.05.12

    Trying to do too much for too long is when little accidents happen. More about STIHL Chainsaw Safety Awareness Week Giveaway

  • National has no mandate for promoting racial separatism

    Last post: Steve on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Steve on 04.02.10

    I stopped reading this at the point where the writer claimed " we value freedom and sponteneity". Who or what is the NZCPR? Are they for real? Do they actually carry out any "research" - and if they do, are they capable of framing sensible questions or even interpreting the results? Or have I got this wrong...maybe Frank has unannounced, added humour to the editorial section..,.. More about National has no mandate for promoting racial separatism

  • Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

    Last post: Steve on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by that guy on 18.12.09

    One flag - two flags - three flags....what practical difference would it make. If the truth be known, many patriotic NZers probably wouldn't immediately tell the NZ flag from the Australian. As for the implication that flying the Maori flag will somehow entrench separatist (or worse) tendencies, what nonsense. Attitudes to, and understandings of, flags or other icons change over time.
    Does Hone Harawira exemplify a contemporary trend of anti-white racism? Probably not. But there's no doubt that his sense of grievance for past and present inequities is real and justifiable.
    What Maori are achieving within the Treaty Settlement process is exactly as legitimate under the prevailing dispensation as corporations, interest groups and other organised bodies in the ongoing scramble for NZ's economic and other resources. The current popularity of the National-led government indicates that most people polled have no trouble with this.
    We don't need to decide which path NZ goes down. There are many avenues, and simplifying the options to one or other of two doesn't advance the debate.
    Treaty and other settlements need not be regarded as full and final. That they should be is an odd proposition when it is considered that they stem from the same body of law which caters generously for such things as judicial and other reviews, contract renegotiations, the consumer guarantees act and Accident Compensation. Nz is a litigious society - nothing is set in concrete.
    One could go on and on...but basically, these shoddy think-pieces masquerading as the results of careful research from NZCPR do little to assist anything like productive debate. More about Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

  • The DPB: The Unfortunate Experiment

    Last post: Steve on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Steve on 20.08.09

    The NZCPR article on benefits is barely disguised baloney which really fails to move the issue forward. First it's doubtful that droves of "taxpayers" want benefits like the DPB abolished. Sure, there are ideologues advocating policies like workfare who do, but they aren't a majority. Statistics quoted to support the urban myth that people get pregnant to claim a benefit arent substantiated. Similarly, the numbers of ex-wedlock births could be explained by things like the great prevalence of defacto and other relationships, relationships within extended families, and people who may have formed a relationship after a child has been born. The DPB has obviously changed(been changed by successive governments) since the 70s. I recall surprising statistics relating to the number of male beneficiaries of the dpb. Criticisms of the article like the foregoing probably only scratch the surface of its inadequacy as a credible contribution to any sensible discussion of the issue. More about The DPB: The Unfortunate Experiment

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