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  • Would you forgive?

    Last post: Billy on 30.08.16 at 22:01 | Started by JasonMantis on 30.08.16

    An interesting and thought provoking question! I think I'd be well annoyed initially, to say the least, but then would try and find out what caused/drove my partner to take such a drastic course to see what I could possibly do to stop the rot and rebuild our relationship. Mind you, it is easy to write such a comment but how hard would it be to action - probably impossible with my 'Geordie' heritage! More about Would you forgive?

  • Win tickets to Mel Gibson's Blood Father

    Last post: Billy on 30.08.16 at 21:47 | Started by David on 29.08.16

    The film synopsis reads like a flashback to "Mad Max: Road Warrior" and what a movie that was - already 'Blood Father' sounds good and I'd like to confirm this with the help of Get Frank, cheers! More about Win tickets to Mel Gibson's Blood Father

  • What book are you reading?

    Last post: Billy on 27.10.15 at 18:11 | Started by Steff S on 27.08.12

    It's really interesting to see the diverse range of books that Getfrank followers read and I am going to have to include my very much 'leftfield' tome here - "Unfathomable City - A New Orleans Atlas"! It may because I am a Geographer at heart, but I really do like this book that tells the story of New Orleans in maps backed up with short essays - the history of this city and its influence on Western musical culture never ceases to amaze. I just wish I was emulating Fats Domino n "[I'm] Walking to New Orleans"! More about What book are you reading?

  • Win SPECTRE film giveaways

    Last post: Billy on 27.10.15 at 18:00 | Started by Marley on 26.10.15

    Just in case Auckland's notoriously changeable weather turns wet 'n' windy as I make my way to the cinema to see 'Spectre' from November 12th onwards, it would be great to have an umbrella and cap thanks to Getfrank - cheers! More about Win SPECTRE film giveaways

  • Rugby World Cup

    Last post: Billy on 15.09.15 at 18:34 | Started by Shaun on 14.09.15

    The Rugby World Cup and the possible progress of the All Blacks is definitely drawing a great deal of media interest. However, at the same time it is also pleasing to see that more minor sports here in New Zealand, at least coverage-wise, such as American Football (NFL) with the rise and rise of ex-League player - Jarrod Hayne, and of course Lydia Ko's phenomenal Evian Masters Golf win are securing column and air-time space. Keep it up media outlets! More about Rugby World Cup

  • Win A Copy Of Trigger Mortis - A James Bond Novel by Anthony Horowitz

    Last post: Billy on 15.09.15 at 18:21 | Started by trev23 on 14.09.15

    If Anthony Horowitz has resurrected 'Pussy Galore', I wonder if the machine-guns behind the headlights of the 'Goldfinger' DB5 Aston Martin will also feature? I look forward to reading "Trigger Mortis" thanks to Get Frank and finding out! More about Win A Copy Of Trigger Mortis - A James Bond Novel by Anthony Horowitz

  • Do long distance relationships work?

    Last post: Billy on 17.06.15 at 20:26 | Started by barnes10 on 15.10.12

    I suppose people can have different interpretations of what a 'Long Distance Relationship' is! I met my future partner in Egypt and soon after she travelled to London, England. We kept in contact via intermittent letters, and then I decided to hitch my way by boat across the Mediterranean, followed by trucks and vans through Europe to London. That journey that took me some months was well worth the distance - we celebrate our anniversary next week! More about Do long distance relationships work?

  • Win Florence + The Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

    Last post: Billy on 17.06.15 at 20:09 | Started by trev23 on 16.06.15

    I saw Florence and The Machine at the Trusts Stadium back in 2010 as she supported her first CD - 'Lungs'. That album and show were great, and I am sure listening to this new CD (possibly thanks to 'Frank') will be as well! :-) More about Win Florence + The Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

  • Tell her you Love her every day

    Last post: Billy on 02.03.15 at 20:28 | Started by NZMaori11 on 10.12.12

    This weekend my wife and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary with a trip to one of the Hauraki Gulf Islands with, hopefully, Bluff oysters at hand and a bottle of New Zealand methode champenoise = not only are we keeping it local, I'll again be professing my daily love for her! (PS: A pass to the movie 'X+Y' would certainly add to the sense of occasion upon our return – Cheers). More about Tell her you Love her every day

  • Buying Christmas presents.....

    Last post: Billy on 15.12.14 at 13:03 | Started by Flashgg on 24.11.14

    I think this discussion on Christmas presents needs to be reignited as I have been buying a range of gifts on-line and from New Zealand companies which is great as the money (or some of it, at least) is staying within the country and hopefully providing some employment. Furthermore, the internet has also allowed me to quickly and easily make a donation to the Auckland City Mission - in many respects probably the best present I will have given in 2014. All the best to those volunteers who give-up their precious time to help others during this period! More about Buying Christmas presents.....


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