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  • Polenta a la lasagna

    Last post: leah on 21.05.11 at 18:40 | Started by twist55 on 18.05.11

    Not sure about the "lasagna" description - more like a polenta mushroom sammie. Or even maybe a gourmet healthy vegetarian version of a double-down. Yummy. More about Polenta a la lasagna

  • Dilemma DVD Giveaway

    Last post: leah on 11.05.11 at 13:44 | Started by samala on 09.05.11

    Yes, definitely. They're going to find out anyway, and if you don't say anything you could lose your mate. Just do it over a stiff whiskey. More about Dilemma DVD Giveaway

  • The Art of War Part 8

    Last post: leah on 08.05.11 at 16:53 | Started by leah on 08.05.11

    Rodney Hide could have used a bit of expert advice on the art of war. Pretty sure Sun Tzu would have come up with better strategies than "create media hype involving enemy's love child." More about The Art of War Part 8

  • Stop Boring Hugh Laurie

    Last post: leah on 27.04.11 at 20:50 | Started by Zoe Victoria on 26.04.11

    Having the same questions fired at you must be a common downside of being a celebrity. It's just amusing in Hugh Laurie's case that he appears as bored as you would imagine House would be when asked them. Gotta love him. More about Stop Boring Hugh Laurie

  • 5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Family

    Last post: leah on 16.04.11 at 20:39 | Started by Nos4R2D2 on 11.04.11

    Point 3, "do something fun", is great advice. It's so easy to sit around at home doing all the routine stuff. But an adventure, no matter how small like collecting shells on the beach, feeding ducks, or visiting to a pet shop, can be like a breathe of fresh air into a day... More about 5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Family

  • 2005 Toyota Hilux SR5 – Thrillbilly

    Last post: leah on 16.04.11 at 20:31 | Started by barnes10 on 07.04.11

    Yes, there's a good reason why the Toyota Hilux has been the top selling commercial vehicle for the past 28 years in New Zealand.

    When Nathan talks about the Hilux allowing him the ability to go to more offroad places, you realise that this is why this ute has the reputation as "indestructable". Awesome vehicle, awesome review from Nathan.

    More about 2005 Toyota Hilux SR5 – Thrillbilly

  • XO Beef

    Last post: leah on 10.04.11 at 20:50 | Started by barnes10 on 06.04.11

    With recipes like these, who needs takeaways? Love the fact that it's healthy, cheap to make, and you don't have to spend a thousand dollars a litre in petrol driving down the road to get it. All good. More about XO Beef

  • 2012: Doomsday? - Part 1

    Last post: leah on 24.03.11 at 19:34 | Started by leah on 24.03.11

    Call me a skeptic but haven't we all had enough of predictions, ie Ken Ring. Enough is enough. Mayan calendar ending or not, I think we should just get on with our lives and enjoy ourselves. What sort of life is it when you're constantly thinking about the end of it? More about 2012: Doomsday? - Part 1

  • What the US does in Afghanistan

    Last post: leah on 24.03.11 at 19:30 | Started by Prettyboy on 24.03.11

    I agree with Stephan above, but it does also say it is just one of over four thousand taken. This is a very shocking image. Very shocking. We do need people willing to do things most of us could never do, but not this. Definitely not this. More about What the US does in Afghanistan

  • Tsunami wave demolishing boats and cars over seawall

    Last post: leah on 18.03.11 at 14:09 | Started by Prettyboy on 17.03.11

    Nothing like watching this with an open-mouthed horrified look on my face to get a sense of perspective. More about Tsunami wave demolishing boats and cars over seawall

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