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  • Win with Lindt Creation

    Last post: Lori on 11.07.13 at 13:48 | Started by carole on 08.07.13

    Velvety Vanilla Almond ! sounds divine!

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  • Win with McDonald's

    Last post: Lori on 11.07.13 at 13:06 | Started by skoota681 on 08.07.13

    My BF loves MCDonalds (I'm a Subway fan) and once he ordered and ate 2 Mac Attacks in one sitting. A mammoth effort and a huge calorie count but he did get diet coke for his drink so all good! More about Win with McDonald's

  • Win with Subway

    Last post: Lori on 11.07.13 at 13:03 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 08.07.13

    I'm having Subway for Tea tonight after the gym. I keep promising myself that I need to try the full menu or something abit different ( Pork Riblet etc)
    but I always go for my old favourite sweet onion chicken teriyaki everytime!
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  • Win tickets to the premiere of THE WORLD'S END

    Last post: Lori on 05.07.13 at 08:19 | Started by New Member on 01.07.13

    pegg and Frost are very witty and clever. I too have been on a few too many pub crawls and wished the World would end the next day.
    I've already got my outfit ready however I better go out and buy a pair or 2 expensive heels to match (hey I am a chick after all). More about Win tickets to the premiere of THE WORLD'S END

  • Has anyone got a "true" dodgy food story to share?

    Last post: Lori on 19.06.13 at 13:24 | Started by barnes10 on 18.06.13

    my friend works in a Cafe and she alway double dips in peoples sauce/dips before she takes them out. She reckons she is just testing the sauce but "that's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip!" (-Seinfeld).

    Gross, but I double dip at home with my family More about Has anyone got a "true" dodgy food story to share?

  • Product Placement Overuse

    Last post: Lori on 19.06.13 at 13:03 | Started by DeeDee on 18.06.13

    I saw World War Z last nite (good movie but too many dumb/why? moments in it) and there is a huge product placement which I thought was hilarious despite it being right in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse! More about Product Placement Overuse

  • A Dad at 11? Time to change the law

    Last post: Lori on 19.06.13 at 13:00 | Started by Kiwi Gas on 15.06.13

    Cougars eh! watch out for them they don't discrimate. Most young men would be stoked for abit of older women action but at the age of 11, he should only have had one use for that and she should go to prison. More about A Dad at 11? Time to change the law

  • Win with Jim Beam

    Last post: Lori on 19.06.13 at 12:55 | Started by Tanya341 on 17.06.13

    Father days is coming up and my dad will think I'm the BEST. DAUGHTER. EVER More about Win with Jim Beam

  • No EPL on SKY TV!

    Last post: Lori on 19.06.13 at 12:54 | Started by barnes10 on 19.06.13

    Hey Barnes10, I think Sky still has La liga which is where crazy cannibal Suarez is trying to join Real. best you keep Sky and also keep dreaming about Loserpool as West Ham will clean up next year!

    HAMMERS 4 Life! More about No EPL on SKY TV!

  • Win with Schick

    Last post: Lori on 07.06.13 at 09:57 | Started by shadowshaded on 03.06.13

    My boyfriend needs a new razor as he likes to manscape with it. He reckons it make it look bigger but it's a optical illusion/smoke and mirrors LOL! I think he'd have more luck buying some dodgy enlargement pills from off the internet! lol! More about Win with Schick


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