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  • Round-up of other Budget comments

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jacko on 01.06.09

    So, what this is all saying to me, is that we missed out on the opportunity to make a big stride forward, and opted for greyness.
    This brought about for fear of a Ratings drop, and for fear of provoking too many of the entrenched mandarins in Treasury, IRD, WINZ, Health, Education. All of whom fear that their policy making over the past few years would get shown up for its grey socialistic lean.
    Fear that the true waste and extravagances of thier Departments may be uncovered if they accepted any real cuts in the flow of cash that gives them power.

    Where is the leadership to help drive the economy forward? The encouragement and incentives to build new business, create new exports?
    They canned the tax incentive on R & D because it was seen by the grey people as potential for exploitation. In other words, they could not monitor how the money was spent. But better have the chance of a few brilliant successes from it than kill it all off. More about Round-up of other Budget comments

  • The Budget, interesting figures revealed

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jacko on 03.06.09

    Some pretty startling figues listed there. What surprises me for example:-
    200 agencies run by the government." Rather than a line by "line look at costings, how about an Agency by Agency justification of their existence!!

    "$158 million appropriated for public broadcasting services – including Television NZ and Radio NZ – or the additional $67 million spent on Maori radio and television services." How has it happened that we now spend almost half of the total on Maori TV? Yet the channel is off air much of the time. Shows overseas programs some of the time? I saw a program in French with English sub-titles on there, why the hell is that?
    How do they justify that proportionately huge cost for a tiny portion of the population? Don't tell me it was in the Treaty??

    Legal aid. A tough one, but we read of Lawyers lodging Appeals which are clearly a waste of time. But as the Taxpayer is paying not the Client, who is there to argue against it? Its just another pig-in-the-trough job.

    Climate Change, good grief, has that not been killed off yet? Aussie has done it, why not us? Why do we always see the need to lead the world? And go broke in the process? More about The Budget, interesting figures revealed

  • Annette's mass medication programme

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 18.05.09

    I am with you Darren. As there is big question marks over the effectiveness of adding folic acid, huge variances in how much any one mother will eat anyway, why force it on the other 95% of the population? (Assuming only 5% of us are pregnant at any one time)
    Far better for the Docs and Pre-Natal people to encourage them to take supplimentary folic if that really is a factor. More about Annette's mass medication programme

  • Global Warming, is it back on the Governments Agenda after all?

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Graham on 27.04.09

    The reality is that a big chunk of the scientists have siezed on global warming as the next wave to give them access to research funds, so they can go play with their toys and not get a real job for another 10 years. Getting reserch funding is the biggest challenge that faces all scientists, and global warming has been a bonanza.

    What is even better, they write detailed reports citing the "facts" as reported in other reports by learned scientists. But in reality, that previous report was just regurgitating material from yet earlier ones. Much based on computer modelling, not measured, repeatable real facts. More about Global Warming, is it back on the Governments Agenda after all?

  • Expensive new Airport Security, John Key seems to be canning

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jacko on 28.04.09

    Here are a couple of my experiences. In Hawaii, flight delay on the transit aircraft so went for a wander around. Opened a door onto a balcony, no alarms or signs preventing me. Found I was looking out onto the Service area, lots of trucks, vans delivering airport supplies etc.
    I could easily have been thrown a weapon by an accomplice and taken it on board the aircraft. All I was required to do on re-boarding was show my ticket and Passport, no second x ray inspection.
    I spoke with a Security Guard about that when went back inside. He simply told me that all those vehicles were checked before entering the secure area inside the airport grounds Yeah Right, I can imagine!!

    Next, admittedly before the 9-11 event. Bought a Caneknife in Fiji (panga for some people) This is a broad bladed tool for cutting sugar cane, blade about 400 mm long and 150 mm at its widest. Great for slashing undergrowth, tall weeds etc. Put it in my carry-on bag as I was concerned that it may cut my main bag which was jammed full. The scanner did pick it up of course, but the Security guys just laughed and accepted my explanation, and off I went. It is such a common item that for them I guess, no big deal! More about Expensive new Airport Security, John Key seems to be canning

  • NZLive.com?

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jacko on 29.04.09

    Good on you Rich, for publicising this matter. The profligate waste that went on under the last Government seems to know no limits. As time goes on we learn more and more. The Nats must have thier heads spinning trying to keep track of it all!
    No wonder Bill English has brought in a few professionals to try and control expenditure.

    Another example. NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), are the main Agency charged with the task of fostering Exports from NZ. They set up a web site MarketNewZealand.com to serve as the portal for overseas buyers. N Z Exporters listed their businesses on the site and overseas buyers can use it to see if we could supply thier needs.

    Cost from memory a few million dollars to set up, around 2003 or 2004. The one drawback was that NZTE insisted on screeing all inquiries, so it took time before the Exporter actually got to see it.

    Now NZTE have decided to can it, saying that it took up too much admin time for the level of business generated. The Web site now just lists a few other commercial web sites where one can locate expporters.

    So now there is no State operated front door for buyers to find a matching exporter. The money spent, down the drain. More about NZLive.com?

  • NZ as a Republic?

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 01.05.09

    I'm with you Chris! We struggle enough with the Banana Republic image at times anyway, why add to that! We seem to have moved on from being called a nation of sheep lovers, now that the numbers of sheep has fallen so much. I wonder what our cow population is like after the growth in dairying?
    We do need to be famous for something. More about NZ as a Republic?

  • It's a bit Froggy

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jacko on 02.05.09

    So Froggy, don't get all cut up about it! More about It's a bit Froggy

  • Chrysler, a bad case of flu

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jacko on 04.05.09

    Interesting if not inevitable result. These guys have had years to wake up their ideas. Dump the corporate jets, the multi million dollar share bonuses to the top dogs. Make the tough decisions they were some excessively paid for.
    Recognise that the days of the tank American car really ended in the 90's, and tackled the Japanese and Korean competition head on.

    The American buyers are pretty loyal to American made. So the Chicago bunch have been able to struggle on because their customers still buy their Brands in preference to an "import".

    Be fascinating to see what Fiat will do here! That is,if they have not now got too carried away with take-overs themselves and fall on their faces!! Chrylser, Saab and who else? More about Chrysler, a bad case of flu

  • Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

    Last post: Jacko on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Graham on 09.05.09

    you make some good points. But to destroy that much material simply because we cannot come up with a more effective solution, is pretty poor in my view.

    It is only 1 symptom of a raft of weaknesses in our social fabric. Some of it stems from the Social Welfare State, which seems to engender a lack of respect for other people, their rights or there property.

    The other aspect is the lack of repsect for the Law and the Police who try an enforce it. I dont blame the Police either, they are not supported by the Courts! When we were burgled last year, the police officer attending told me she had arrested a burlgar with 36 previous convictions. The Judge fined him $200.00. Almost an encouragement to carry on, how pathetic!
    I suggest that the Police know that boy racers generally are no more of a danger than drunk drivers. That if they do clamp down on them, the Court will not take any meaningful action.
    Even if this new Law is passed, the Courts will probably only issue a crush order in an extreme case.The kids will say how badly done to they have been by society, how they have no father at home and Mum is on the dole. They need the car to get into the Waitakeres to look after their marijuana crops. All good stories for the Judge to feel sympathy for! More about Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean


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