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  • How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by karl on 25.09.09

    Any average pickled person would think any inane conversation is scintillating. I used to hear a lot of the dumbest earnest conversations on utter rubbish when ever I walked thru Aro St Park before they banned drinking 24x7 in the inner city. Phew! More about How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

  • Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Hutster7 on 12.08.09

    We just don't have the population in nz to have such a magnificant spectacle. And watching a game at the pub or at home just isn't going to help numbers at a live game either. It's a shame really. I hope it's not the beginning of the end. More about Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

  • Beginner Bondage Toys

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Moose Mahon on 13.08.09

    Are there hotels out there with a "toy box"? Or is this just an urban myth? I saw it on an episode of CSI: Miami so it must be real! More about Beginner Bondage Toys

  • Drinking in a Recession

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Ian Ashley on 07.05.09

    The article's a smidge irresponsible humourous or not. I appreciate some must drink to catatonic levels to blot out their miserable lives but honestly surely most people don't need to imitite those sad whinos in the parks?

    There are other ways to enjoy drinking in the recession:

    1) Buy some decent wine or beer and really taste it and enjoy it. What's the point of buying cheap crap that will make you feel like you were run over by a bus and were nibbling on polyester carpet the night before?

    2) Keep an eye out for nice wine that supermarkets occasionally sell at a good price. Not true that you can't get nice stuff at a decent price.

    3) Brew your own beer, wine & cider. We brew our own beer, cider and currently have a syrah & voignier blend burbling away in the kitchen. Our beer is just as good as any artisian beer we've had from a microbrewery. Our cider batches turned out amazingly well last year. High alcohol content too at about 10 and 15%! I appreciate it's not instant gratification, but like the cheese ad says - good things take time.

    4)Keep an eye and ear out for competions to win drinks, dinners, invitations to parties. Yeah, just like the ones here. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch.

    5) Lastly, drink in moderation, it will cost less. It's just plain & simple maths. More about Drinking in a Recession

  • Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro earphones by Logitech

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Herbertimo on 18.05.09

    Those headphones sound sweet. However I love my Logitech FreePulse bluetooth headphones. They're cordless, and actually have amazingly good sound with Bluetooth 2 technology. Both the transmitter and headphones are compact and recharable.

    Unfortunately they're not that robust and I'm on my 3rd replacement pair. But I'm prety active and these are fantastic with no cords to get tangled up. With regular headphones I always find I'm ripping them off either my head or my ipod.

    I wish there was a bigger range of bluetooth headphones with compact rechargeable transmitters that don't cost the planet. It's a shame that more companies haven't put in any effort to producing them.

    More about Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro earphones by Logitech

  • Travel to Romantic Asian Locations

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Jareth on 22.04.08

    Asia is fantastic for it's sights, culture and food. Having lived in NZ since 1982 I still find it a bit flat culturally. Like does anyone even know it's Ramadan now? Exactly, no one even notices.

    And then again, there's tonnes of vicious insects, snakes and other creepy crawlies over there. Some places are disparingly poor with scrawnny animals. The traffic can be mad.

    But still it's good to get away and experience how other people live. It's definitely enriching.

    More about Travel to Romantic Asian Locations

  • When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by EarlyRiser on 25.02.08

    I've never had the joy of having kids, just furkids unfortunately. Not that I don't adore my lovely furkids of course! I exepct that if you've been a good parent, always giving support, advice and setting boundaries, your kids aren't going to turn out totally stupid. Your child would probably prefer a kid with similar interests and more alike them. They probably pick horrible friends just to egg you on, and you should ask yourself why. So unless you've brought up a real monster, you can probably put a bit of faith in your kid's choice of friends.

    More about When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

  • Bordeaux beauties

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Nutta Pete on 01.11.07

    The Martinborough Vineyard Te Tera Pinot Noir is simply excellent. We're love their wine so much we bought the company. No, we didn't! But we do have shares in the vineyard. Their Burnt Spur pinot noir is also devine.

    Do go out and buy wine from Martinborough and Burnt Spur! More about Bordeaux beauties

  • Three Guys at the Edge of the World

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Marty on 20.09.09

    I was listening to Bill Reichert at an Unlimited Potential session a few weeks ago. He was an interesting chap. He presented the old rules of innovation vs the new rules.

    One of the points was the same as these guys here have done. You don't come up with an idea and then try and get capital for it. That was the old rule. Now, you have to get a group of people together, work on the idea, and get it going as a viable product before anyone will even think about giving you big money to take it further. More about Three Guys at the Edge of the World

  • Interview with Rachel McAdams

    Last post: Catwoman on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Rebecca on 15.09.09

    Hi Rachel

    Did you get the sneaky suspicion at any point during making the movie "State of Play" that Russel would have, or could have, thrown a phone at someone?

    More about Interview with Rachel McAdams


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