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  • Dog or cats?

    Last post: sonzw on 24.09.16 at 21:55 | Started by Gabser on 23.06.14

    I would have said dogs...but we have an 11 month old pup who has come to live with us and let's just say his training needs some tweaking...he would rather leap all over other dogs and yap which wouldn't be so bad if he weren't a great big huge laboratory with a heap more growing to do. So I decided to use a big lead...wrong move. When he spotted the husky dogs heading across the park he bolted...I fell and let's say after being towed around the park until I could free my hand from the lead... I'm thinking maybe the cat is more my style..At least the neighbours all know me now, having provided them with entertainment , they often ask when I'm walking the dog again....when I recover...if I recover More about Dog or cats?

  • Win a Neopol prize pack worth $35

    Last post: sonzw on 24.09.16 at 21:48 | Started by Lee on 09.09.16

    Just what I need to get this place into shape after the winter, certainly everything could do with a dust and polish...including me More about Win a Neopol prize pack worth $35

  • Never leave it too late or it will be

    Last post: sonzw on 25.10.15 at 10:22 | Started by nzbear on 27.07.15

    I decided a long time ago that who is right and who is wrong is not important. We can agree to differ. we always say I love you, and we mean it. We may be a bit pissed off, or annoyed but we do love each other. This is the adults and the kids in our home. We have learnt the difficult way that in a heartbeat your life can change forever and loved ones don't always come home again. But we can take it a step further than that too. I try to smile a people in the street, say hello or talk to the person I'm in a queue with. Who knows what their story is, just maybe if they are having a rough day it might be nice for them to know they are not invisible ....they matter. More about Never leave it too late or it will be

  • Win Humans of New York: Stories $44.99

    Last post: sonzw on 25.10.15 at 10:13 | Started by teejay on 19.10.15

    I love reading these stories, what a brilliant idea and it just goes to show that inside every day person going about their everyday lives ar some very powerful stories of overcoming tragedy, building better lives, resiliency and overcoming adversity....or not. Lots to reflect on and a reminder that those we pass in the street everyday and smile at, acknowledge or just pass by are indeed so much more than meets the eye More about Win Humans of New York: Stories $44.99

  • Reasons why Facebook is bad

    Last post: sonzw on 16.09.14 at 06:40 | Started by Prettyboy on 17.04.12

    Like anything Facebook has it's positives and negatives that users need to navigate and as the future unfolds and social media continues to grow and evolve it will just get worse. The thing that bothers me is that people can get so caught up in the moment they have no filter control and don't think about feelings of others. An example is in the case of fatal accidents or deaths and within minutes news feeds are alive with chatter about what has happened (sometimes this lacks accuracy)and sometimes this happens before family has been able to be fully informed so they hear about it via Facebook. I just wish people could be a little more considerate of the feelings of family and wait before posting or refrain from commenting until they are sure of the facts. More about Reasons why Facebook is bad

  • Win Guinness World Records 2015 $49.99

    Last post: sonzw on 16.09.14 at 06:29 | Started by Nos4R2D2 on 15.09.14

    Wow I remember reading one of these cover to cover at school........and yes that was a very very long time ago now. I really enjoyed reading about all the different records set. Way back then we tried to even look at seeing how many people we could fit into a records were set, but there were plenty of aches pain and bruises for our efforts. More about Win Guinness World Records 2015 $49.99

  • Winter Holiday Destinations

    Last post: sonzw on 01.09.14 at 18:43 | Started by Flashgg on 23.08.13

    I went to Samoa and loved it. Lovely destination and not too touristy. Beautiful scenery, with plenty to do and plenty to see. Then there is the lovely food and cocktails..... More about Winter Holiday Destinations

  • Who Skips Breakfast?

    Last post: sonzw on 29.07.14 at 07:15 | Started by Flashgg on 26.09.12

    I'm a shocker. I skip breakfast and although from time to time I get into a good routine and eat cereal or toast for breakfast as a general rule...I don't bother. We are very early risers and I'm afraid at 6 in the morning the last thing I feel like is food but by 10am I feel like eating something. It's a bad habit and certainly doesn't help in my bid to lose weight. I am lucky my children do eat breakfast.....they like me to make omelettes for them with ham and cheese and spring onion...... More about Who Skips Breakfast?

  • Win NIOXIN Products

    Last post: sonzw on 29.07.14 at 07:09 | Started by Mooner on 28.07.14

    This sounds really great for my teenage girls who have hair that needs some moisturise balance and volume....mind you so too could mum..... More about Win NIOXIN Products

  • Win A Hair-Styling Package From Wella Professionals

    Last post: sonzw on 26.04.14 at 09:39 | Started by Gonzala on 23.04.14

    Well we don't have shared interests and that's okay. He tried to take me hunting and told me to look for sign...well I looked but I never saw anything advertising a half price my days hunting were numbered there and then. I appreciate that's his thing and mine is ...well shopping and stuff, which he couldn't give a hoot as long as we are both happy I have no problem with different interests... More about Win A Hair-Styling Package From Wella Professionals


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