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  • McDonald's Kiwiburger Voucher Giveaway

    Last post: Brian on 21.09.11 at 10:55 | Started by daleboy on 19.09.11

    my favourite was out as trial a while back..something about mexican flavour with sour cream...I really like that burger. However my wife's favourite is the kiwi burger. Only problem is that we usually have to wait ages for it to be made. But I guess that indicates it will be freshly made.
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  • Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

    Last post: Brian on 21.07.11 at 16:27 | Started by JD on 21.07.11

    I can't believe you're risking ruining a good ezine with dribble/drivel just for sake of a competition. Seriously, who's honestly going to read all the replies?
    I'm more inclined to avoid them.
    There are many ways of getting consumer feedback, interaction..whatever..rather than this way.
    GetFrank should be more innovative, as it started out to be.
    Why don't you have a paid subscription, with all paid members being in the draw to win prizes? I'd pay $10, maybe $20 a year.
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  • Car problem

    Last post: Brian on 03.06.11 at 21:33 | Started by Ian on 29.06.10

    YAWN !!!!!!!!!!!
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  • When Your Partner's Behaviour Concerns you

    Last post: Brian on 02.06.11 at 17:26 | Started by GP on 14.07.09

    What could have been a good article, has been ruined by bias towards women, and against men. Even after admitting you know the statistics show violence is almost equal across the genders. If women don't admit they are as much to blame for violence against children, what hope have we got for our kids growing up into teens, then adults. I was beaten severely by my mother, not my father. I made a point to never hot my children, but rather shower them with love, which they returned ten-fold. My wife was beaten also by her mother, not her father. The emotional scars remain many years after the physical scars disappear. So Size doesn't matter.... the level of abuse matters more, whether physical or emotional. More about When Your Partner's Behaviour Concerns you

  • Win a JVC Bluetooth/iPod/USB/CD Receiver

    Last post: Brian on 15.05.11 at 17:54 | Started by harksgal on 02.05.11

    I'd be pissed, if existing members were excluded from this draw too.
    How about a reassuring comment from the organiser. More about Win a JVC Bluetooth/iPod/USB/CD Receiver

  • Frank's Home Bar Essentials

    Last post: Brian on 28.03.11 at 18:24 | Started by John on 28.03.11

    Wow, what a reward.

    My son's gf is having a baby in June, and this would be a wonderful way to have a family n friends party with him before baby is born.
    We could have all his friends around and drink to the health of a beautiful new baby.
    After all the world's bad news of recent times, something nice and beautiful is just what's needed to be celebrated... a NEW Life brought into the world.
    OK... who's thirsty. More about Frank's Home Bar Essentials

  • Female Signs of Attraction – When to Make Your Move and When to Move on

    Last post: Brian on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Aims on 18.07.10

    Vibes are nothing more than unconsciously recognising body language. Women are miss the signs more often, than not. Where we feel we get mixed signals, is we see some body language, but take it out of context...hence often wrong. More about Female Signs of Attraction – When to Make Your Move and When to Move on

  • Five Places She Loves to Be Touched

    Last post: Brian on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Brian on 04.08.10

    Yet another great article, thanks Sarah.
    Yes, every woman's different, but many do obviously share similar reactions to spots you mention.
    Pressure is also the key. What feels like soft touch to one, can feel like too much pressure to another.
    Let the lady's reactions be your guide...or just ask.
    I know many of us men feel it shows an ignorance to have to ask if it feels ok, but the options may just be: Go Further, or Go Home. More about Five Places She Loves to Be Touched

  • How To Deal With Women Who Dont Like You

    Last post: Brian on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Walker on 30.11.09

    Teddy, perhaps you could do an article on the effects of medication and sex life. Diet has already been well-covered, both on here and online generally, but many people are unaware of the effects certain medications can have on an otherwise normal and healthy sex life.

    I think the majority of articles in Frank are great.
    Not every article will suit every person, but even if one or two help someone, then it is well worthwhile.

    I had a medical misadventure back in 1997, and have since been through two more operations, finding best treatment for migraines, and finding new foods to replace gluten-based foods in a new diet for health reasons.

    I suspect my son's drinking is at least partly due to a longing for more gluten, as it is in beer, and he doesn't have it in many other foods he eats.

    It would be great if many further, deeper studies were done on gluten.

    Keep up the great articles Frank...still many more topics to be covered. More about How To Deal With Women Who Dont Like You

  • Her Top 5 Fantasies

    Last post: Brian on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by avi on 08.10.09

    Thanks Sarah
    Another great article.

    Yet I consider the utmost important word was missing from article and replies to date...T R U S T.

    I think that TRUST is possibly why so many fantasies are never expressed, let alone experienced.

    With trust, anything is possible..add in love, and there is often no limit to what a couple can achieve.
    Keep up the articles.

    In my experience (blush) bi ladies are many times more sexually outgoing than straight ladies too.

    Bi ladies will usually choose a man who is clean of body and mind. More about Her Top 5 Fantasies


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