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  • I'm glad that's out of the way

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:47 | Started by agov1nd on 01.11.10

    Should we accept it? we have to its a fact, it happened. Realisticly the difference between winning and losing has been so minor in the last two games, if James O Connor had not have scored we would not be lamenting a loss but congratulating a champion team. This loss was an opportunity for the team and the public to appreciate winning the world cup will not happen unless we have a team that can a) close out a game, b) can play with desperation and c) can be more clinical. Neither of these elements were on show on saturday. Points win matches and when we had a lead we needed to keep scoring, drop goals have won the last 4 world cup finals. Secondly it was clear aussie was desperate, we were confident but they were desperate, when its controlled a team can be play at a better level, we were a better team but they were desperate to win. Lastly we need to be clinical, especially in the #10, a clinical fly half like Merthans would have nailed that last penalty, the team wouldn't have suffered from aimless kicking and poor decision making not just from DONALD but CARTER was guilty at times as well. All in all these issues can be rectified and this loss is the opportunity for this to happen.
    I'm not gutted we lost but il be gutted if things dont change More about I'm glad that's out of the way

  • Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Reuben on 13.05.10

    I took my girlfriend, as a surprise out to Piha where we walked to black rock dam and had some cheese, beer/wine and conversation at dusk by the water pool, she was stoked as More about Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland


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