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  • 2005 Aston Martin DB9 – Stealth Symphony

    Last post: Steff S on 22.08.11 at 13:43 | Started by JasonMantis on 18.08.11

    Fusion is rubbish, if you want high end quality sound stick with linn audio. All fusion amounts to is loud and bass heavy speakers. They may as well have replaced the engine with a honda, which is in the same league as the speakers More about 2005 Aston Martin DB9 – Stealth Symphony

  • Audiobooks...

    Last post: Steff S on 20.08.11 at 11:13 | Started by JasonMantis on 17.08.11

    Reading and listening are two different stories. In my opinion, your imagination is stimulated more through reading. Your mind has to interpret the voices of the characters in the book and create it's own details. Audiobooks can be a bit tedious, especially if you have some husky american voice belting out the chapters to you.Reading can be a chore at first, but i have just finished crime and punishment by Dostoevsky and i can't imagine that being read to me through an audio book. More about Audiobooks...

  • Poker for beginners.

    Last post: Steff S on 20.08.11 at 11:08 | Started by JasonMantis on 19.08.11

    Always test the waters. if you play with the same people, you will find they employ the same tactics after a while. This can play into their hands if they want to bluff. Use 'checking' wisely. Checking can be a bluff in itself. If you have a good hand, place a decent bet, but don't frighten off players with a bet too large. This way, you can rope more players in and get more money. If you have a good hand, make sure you bet large before the river card. River cards have a funny way of changing the game in an instant. just learn your hands otherwise, its easy and fun when you get the hang of it

    More about Poker for beginners.

  • New wardrobe on a budget.

    Last post: Steff S on 17.08.11 at 12:08 | Started by JasonMantis on 22.07.11

    Shop during sales, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars on items. If you want to make your money go further, buy clothes that can work together in different combinations. You don't need a large wardrobe, just a few items of high quality. The discerning observer will pick up on this. Subtlety and minimalism is the new way to dress More about New wardrobe on a budget.

  • Single malt bar or tastings.

    Last post: Steff S on 15.08.11 at 12:25 | Started by JasonMantis on 06.08.11

    I attend tastings with a few close chums. One of them is somewhat of an aficionado in this area and as a result has quite the collection. Our tastings occur in the comfort of a private residence; our members our few but our spirits are high. My personal favourite is highland park 18yo. has a lovely nose to it More about Single malt bar or tastings.

  • Favourite Restaurants

    Last post: Steff S on 15.08.11 at 12:19 | Started by Jabes on 02.08.11

    i really enjoyed my experience at Iguacu in parnell. Has an upmarket feel to it and the meal sizes are health in proportion. Nice place for your 2nd or 3rd date when you want to show that you mean business. More about Favourite Restaurants

  • Clothes for Men....

    Last post: Steff S on 15.08.11 at 12:17 | Started by JasonMantis on 21.07.11

    Probably my new boots. You would never think of boots as being sexy, but their bespoke look denotes a man in control, which in turn flicks all the right switches in a women's mind. They work a trick especially around shy women, who tend to look at the ground and around the footwear area. More about Clothes for Men....

  • Online videos worth watching

    Last post: Steff S on 22.07.11 at 11:40 | Started by DeviousX on 21.07.11

    For literally hours of entertainment, check out
    Don't say i didn't warn you More about Online videos worth watching

  • Capital Gains Tax - good idea or crap?

    Last post: Steff S on 22.07.11 at 11:34 | Started by Mark on 21.07.11

    well, there are a few sides to this story. first of all, why didn't labour implement CGT during their decade long stint in power? it was during the low to mid 00's that we experienced a property bubble. That is no longer the case anymore and i'm sad to say that the ship has already sailed. Secondly, New Zealand should be looking to attract offshore investors, our country needs it. CGT is a sure way to scare off any potential investors. Investment properties are a great way to set yourself up for retirement, especially considering that you can't rely on the measly pension in this country. More about Capital Gains Tax - good idea or crap?

  • Post your best desktop wallpapers here.

    Last post: Steff S on 22.07.11 at 11:28 | Started by Snick on 21.07.11

    I suppose it's hard to single out a single photo, but on a widescreen or anything HD, this website has some extremely creative ideas for your desktop: More about Post your best desktop wallpapers here.

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