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  • Interview with Johnny Depp

    Last post: Shell on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Jason on 17.11.09

    They should change the meaning of HOT to Johnny Depp in the Dictionary - INTENSE, SCORCHING, SIZZLING, STEAMY, PASSIONATE, FERVENT .... More about Interview with Johnny Depp

  • Diesel Only The Brave

    Last post: Shell on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by T on 04.08.09

    New Zealand - Ewe Should come
    Most out-of-towners relate Kiwis to Sheep.
    If you can't beat em - ewe just gotta join em!! More about Diesel Only The Brave

  • Win Ink'd underwear with

    Last post: Shell on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by New Member on 15.12.08

    My wonderful other half is a Medium - any style suits him (and I'd love to see his tight tooch in any of them also!!) - Love these :) More about Win Ink'd underwear with

  • Ultimate skin care with Nutrimetics FOR MEN

    Last post: Shell on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Soj on 26.08.08

    Taking on the Mother-In-Law and winning - now we're great friends!! More about Ultimate skin care with Nutrimetics FOR MEN

  • Xmas a Cracker

    Last post: Shell on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Nos4R2D2 on 20.12.06

    This year it's all about "OUR" family. Instead of running from one to the other on Christmas Day - and not really having time to have our own special time - we have lovingly advised that we are unavailable until 10:00am Christmas morning. Our kids will no doubt be up at some ungodly hour - dying to see what Santa has left. and this will give Mum and Dad time to open our eyes properly and enjoy that special Christmas Snuggle. Then time to sit amongst the wrapping paper, the twinkling Christmas tree lights and Christmas Music - with a stiff cup of coffee (or two) - and just enjoy the delighted little faces. After 10 - it's Open Home at our hosue with a BBQ and BYO. We'll provide the venue, the drinks and lots of Christmas Cheer. Room to bunk down overnight - and just a time for Reflection and a lot of laughter. Beats slaving over a hot stove and missing out on the fun.

    More about Xmas a Cracker

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