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  • Baby Chimpanzee Playing

    Last post: Wice on 24.05.12 at 12:45 | Started by Onaphobia on 24.05.12

    Ewwww. Have to agree Fi. Looks awful! Wonder what CYFS would say? More about Baby Chimpanzee Playing

  • Cotton

    Last post: Wice on 24.05.12 at 12:33 | Started by Wice on 24.05.12

    I can see that might be fun! More about Cotton

  • Miracle body transformation in just five hours

    Last post: Wice on 21.05.12 at 22:44 | Started by Wice on 21.05.12

    ...and here is the video!

    More about Miracle body transformation in just five hours

  • Long Distance Relationships

    Last post: Wice on 04.05.12 at 14:44 | Started by Marley on 16.06.10

    Makes me think about generations past where the men went off to war and the women were left behind, just waiting and wondering if they would ever come back at all. Thousands of relationships like this worked and many fell by the wayside as well.

    I also can't help thinking about those contemporary couples where one partner serves in the Armed Forces, or maybe has a posting overseas; or who constantly travels out of town as a driver or sales rep for instance. There are so many jobs which keep people apart these days. I have a friend whose husband was in the Navy. She brought up her children more or less without him while he went to sea for six months at a time. When he retired (at about 40), he joined the Police Force and again, became a husband on call. His wife said she really happy about this as although she loved to see him, she had grown used to doing her own thing and found he interfered and got in the way when he was home to the extent she was always pleased to see him off again.

    I imagine there are lots of shift workers who feel like they are living somewhere different from their partners. Some couples seldom share interests or friends. Some people spend their home time on the computer. Even in marriage, look at all the work and sports widows and widowers.

    In the end it's quality of time rather than quantity of time that creates na intimate relationship that both parties value enough to want to hold on to. More about Long Distance Relationships

  • Win a Double Pass to The Way

    Last post: Wice on 04.05.12 at 14:21 | Started by New Member on 16.04.12

    Thanks for the tickets Get Frank. Went to see this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. After the first twenty minutes when it seemed all up hill, I was totally sucked into the beauty of Spain and think that at say 10 to 15 kms a day, I could probably manage this walk. Apparently you can set off from anywhere - usually a maximum distance of 800kms but more often 100 or 400kims. The film itself was made in the forty days it took the crew to walk from a village in the Pyranees.

    For some guys, this movie might be a bit slow moving with very limited action. The mood is gentle and intimate - just like you would imagine a pilgrimage of this sort rather than a Hollywood hyped up version. It really is as much about the participants personal inner journeys as much as their physical journey. Sheen was pretty good in the lead role and it was a happy surprise for me to have James Nesbit appear half way through. If you feel like a time-out, relaxing and inspirational sort of movie, then this will do the trick. More about Win a Double Pass to The Way

  • Genital hair

    Last post: Wice on 03.05.12 at 15:08 | Started by Wice on 03.05.12

    There is a discussion on Chelsey which talks about the removal of genital hair as well as decorating this area with jewelry and piercings etc. What do men think about this practice - both for men and for for women. Do men find hairless genitals erotic, kinky, childlike? Do men think hair is unclean?

    Why do men and women wa do this and why would they want their partners to do it when the practice is painful, itchy and obviously unnatural - as well as possibly leading to infections, ingrown hairs etc. More about Genital hair

  • The Art of Getting Big

    Last post: Wice on 30.04.12 at 11:54 | Started by Grant on 30.04.12

    Muscular bodies can be a turn on but remember that they ephemeral, superficial and no matter how you look now, it will probably not last; even Schwarzenegger (see below) is pretty flabby now!

    Before you start on this lifelong task of being a muscle man, ask yourself why you are building your body. Are you prepared to maintain it? Is the effort in time, money and relationship neglect really worth it? If you can see concrete benefits in building up your body and it's not just an exercise in vanity, then fine. However, if it's for the ladies, remember that in the end and within reason, it might be better that you are loved for who you are rather than what you look like!

    You've guessed it. Like lots of women. I ogle but find 'big’ bodies quite narcissistic and ultimately off-putting - even if I admire them in movies. I loathe ultra-muscular bodies and you will probably find most women do. A partner with a ‘big’ physique makes most women feel vulnerable, like we always have to live up to it. No matter what the benefits for men, women like to feel they have the upper hand in the looks stakes. They don’t really want a vain man that thinks he is beautiful and a babe magnet – just makes him appear shallow and makes us feel insecure.

    So back to real life… I'd say for most men, if you are going to do it, do it in moderation. I’m not saying puny wimps have the best lives but balance in life seems to pay off. However, if you put as much effort into your relationships as you need to put into getting a 'big' body, you might find that a ‘big’ body has far less importance to your ultimate happiness than you thought.
    More about The Art of Getting Big

  • How to Get Dates With Women – Are You Trying Too Hard?

    Last post: Wice on 24.04.12 at 13:23 | Started by Miss Coral on 15.06.11

    Sorry, totally disagree and I don't think this is good advice. Is this some sort of “let’s play hard to get” theory? What sort of relationship are you after!

    As a member of the female gender, I can say that most girls enjoy being the centre of a guy's universe. That is not to say girls like being smothered, just to know that they are important and can count on their boyfriend in a special way – that they are up their with his other number one priorities.

    As for advising that guys have to “prove” they have a life outside of their girlfriend, this is not the case. Unless they are total whimps, most guys do have a life outside of their girlfriends. Of course they have interests and other friends. They would be pretty dull if they didn’t. When you care for someone special, you try to put their needs before your own. Part of what makes a guy attractive is the effort he will put in, his thoughtfulness and the fact that he wants to be with his girl – not ‘proving’ that he has other things to do - like watching football, going to the pub and definitely that he doesn’t have time to think about her all the time!

    Going back to the article, the idea of levels is foreign to me. Some guys come across as dorks, others are cool, others friendly, others duh! It’s not about levels or looks, just be yourself because for every person I am convinced there others who will find them ‘perfect’. Just take a look around. The richest, poorest, ugliest, meanest, kindest, thinnest, fattest, puniest, muscliest, dumbest, cleverest, suavest, rankest… they all came from the union of two people – maybe the richest, poorest, ugliest, meanest, kindest, thinnest, fattest, puniest, muscliest, dumbest, cleverest, suavest, rankest…! Life and relationships don’t stop just because people aren’t your particular idea of perfect.
    More about How to Get Dates With Women – Are You Trying Too Hard?

  • Has we lost "The Way"?

    Last post: Wice on 24.04.12 at 09:54 | Started by Wice on 24.04.12

    I could have sworn getfrank had a competition for tickets to the movie "The Way" - a film I really want to see. I've searched high and low and can't find it anymore... Can someone confirm this competition has been withdrawn or am I just going crazy? More about Has we lost "The Way"?

  • Would you wear mantyhouse?

    Last post: Wice on 24.04.12 at 00:05 | Started by barnes10 on 19.03.12

    I have yet to look at the links provided but a few thoughts meantime...
    1. Unless they are opaque, unlike most women's hose, as they would squash all the hairs on men' legs into a rather nasty mat which would be quite unattractive to view through sheer nylon, men would need to start shaving their legs.
    2. Sheer hose break very easily. They get holes if you poke at them or catch them. Could men cope with this and how would they would they be embarrassed to attend board meetings with runs in their hosiery?
    3. Would men wear their mantihose on the inside or outside of their briefs? Would this depend on whether they were wearing boxers, g-strings, etc.? How would men cope in public toilets?
    4. Would manithose therefore require flys?
    5. Could mantihose help prevent odours from men's wind breaking, from spreading?
    6. Men come in more sizes than women. Would manufacturers need to provide sizing which differentiated not only length, but also front and rear capacity?
    7. Would one colour (natural) suffice for all men or would they want to match their other clothing (ties, shirts etc.)?
    8. Would it be necessary to have some sort of expansion panel for blokes with beer bellies (e.g. like pregnancy hose for women?)
    9. Before taking mantihose on board, have men considered the constant cost of replacement for damaged hose?
    10. Would mantihose help prevent foot odour or exacerbate it for men (bearing in mind also, that we will all be able to see those toenails through sheer pantihose toes)? More about Would you wear mantyhouse?


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