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  • Shit, Shower, & Shave

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by sam on 30.07.08

    Before the big night... Quick strong black coffee to get a bit of movement down below(if you catch my drift...), after dropping the kids off, a piping hot shower to get the skin clean and soft, ready for an "as close as you can shave" so that there is no stubble and no "sandpaper" sound when you rub your hand over your face. Into comfortable jeans a t-shirt and my favourite boots, down one tall bottle of waikato, two shots of tequila, grab my guitar, out the door into the cab and gone... More about Shit, Shower, & Shave

  • We own the night DVD's

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by The Who!? on 21.07.08

    "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" would have been my pick, classic weird Johnny Depp but since it's already picked... "A scanner darkly" with Robert Downey jr and Keanu Reeves is out there as well... More about We own the night DVD's

  • Avoiding hangovers

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Todadisko on 20.09.07

    If you're feeling the effets of the night before this is the best recovery...
    1. Wake significant other for rampant morning romp. (the excercise will shed toxins and alcohol in sweat and other bodily fluids).
    2.Make bloody mary for two with extra spices and tobasco.(drink in bed with significant other).
    3.Engage in another round of morning delight with partner.(see why in 1.)
    4.Take significant other out to brunch and order 3 x different drinks from menu as well as anything absolutely doused in lard.
    5. Eat whatever significant doesn't and order another carafe of water.
    6.Purge whatever doesn't want to stay with you in the nearest commode.
    7.Take partner home for 3rd bedroom indulgence for the day, run partner a hot shower and leave to pursue sporting interest/hobby for two hours...
    8. Exaggerate to your friends of your previous sexual conquests.

    If this doesn't work never ever drink again and thank your lucky stars you got laid... More about Avoiding hangovers

  • Crowded Elevator NZ tees

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:47 | Started by Damo on 24.11.08

    Carousel by Mr. Bungle
    Enough to make even the sane a little crazy, and the crazy almost sane. That's what elevator music is for isn't it? More about Crowded Elevator NZ tees

  • Online Game: Whack Your Boss

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Dan on 06.08.09

    Ok i guess i'm going to get an i-pod for my office.... and also a cleaner... More about Online Game: Whack Your Boss

  • Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by sweb on 08.03.10

    One bloke i lived with (name withheld) years ago was the epitomy of the lazy, messy student. To the point of leaving toe nails on his plate in the living room after dinner, but his own bedroom would be immaculate. His arguement was that he'd have more luck with ladies when they saw his room was that much tidier than the rest of the flat. Very selfish attitude i must say... Anyway the ciggarette butts in the pot plants and the mouldy pizza crusts down the couch, urine in beer bottles and all of it became too much so revenge was the only answer.
    His lady du jour was spending more and more time at ours so when they went away for the weekend my flatmate and i decided that it wouldn't go a miss if we sabotaged his prisine room. Subtly though so it took awhile to become apparent, we took a dump in an ice cream container and we strategically placed some inside the front cover of his gas heater so that when he turned it on it warmed and the smell was pushed out by the fan, the rest we froze, wrapped in baking paper and slid between his mattress so that when it thawed he'd probably be in bed with his new unknowing conquest and it would smell like he crapped himself in the heat of the moment. Needless to say he was not all that impressed when it came to light, but the flat certainly started to look tidier when he saw what we were capable of...... More about Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

  • Diesel Only The Brave

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by T on 04.08.09

    New Zealand - Come visit us down underer!!!
    Classic!..! More about Diesel Only The Brave

  • Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Mike on 04.02.09

    My wife, especially as our newest addition to our family is due to arrive very soon.... More about Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

  • The Ultimate Pamper Package - $1,100 RRP

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Mike on 04.02.09

    #8 Health mastery personal training session...
    Because i hate working out so much some advice would be ggod More about The Ultimate Pamper Package - $1,100 RRP

  • Roses Are Red - Valentines

    Last post: Bazz on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by nicallis on 01.02.09

    Money no object? Where we live our maternity ward closes for the weekend. so my gift to my wife would be the knowledge that we'd have the very best staff and surroundings and a private helicopter to get us there, for the birth of our 1st child. I think putting her mind at ease would over shadow any other gift i could give her. More about Roses Are Red - Valentines


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