Living the dream at Dreamworld, Gold Coast

If you are going to the Gold Coast, visiting the theme parks is a must. Not doing so would be akin to flying to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. With that in mind, our group ventured to Dreamworld and prepared ourselves for simuntaneous fun and terror. Dreamworld's latest ride is the Buzzsaw. You are seated in an open carriage, well strapped in with a harness that unfortunately leaves little to grip on to. The worst/best part of the ride (depending on your level of enjoyment on rollercoasters) is when you are upside down and dangling, before plumeting straight back down. The perfect way to start your day at Dreamworld!

The Buzzsaw - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

Of course there are plenty more rides at Dreamworld, including The Claw (pictured below), which is akin to a very large swing, the nausiating Wipeout, and the Giant Drop, which, if you have a fear of heights, is guaranteed to force you to face them. Disappointingly, the Tower of Terror, which looks rediculously fun, was closed when we went, so make sure you check out what rides are operating when planning your trip.

The Claw - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

For those not keen on rollercoasters, or for the younger family members, there is still plenty to do. We saw an impressive tiger show, got close with some kangaroos, and cuddled a koala. It was raining when we went, which meant that the park was a lot quieter than usual, making it quick and easy to get on the rides. When we were drenched, and hungry, we stopped in at Dreamworld's Billabong Buffet Restaurant for some all you can eat grub. Well worth the price just to get out of the rain for a while!

Dreamworld Tiger - Photo credit: Directive Photography

When planning your visit to Dreamworld, keep in mind that you can get a world pass that lets you in to Whitewater World and Dreamworld on the same day.

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  • rach says
    if i was going to go to dreamworld i would visit every place i can in 1 day and make the most of it
  • Doug says
    Id love to go to Queenstown one day, especially dream world!

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