Travel Caribbean

 If you want to travel to the Caribbean, you have many options to choose from. Your Caribbean travel destinations include:

Antigua and Barbuda
Puerto Rico
Cayman Islands
St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Dominican Republic
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks & Caicos Islands
Virgin Islands

Each destination offers its own experiences and exotic ambiance. Use this guide to learn about the Caribbean and what you need to know before you disembark on your trip.


Caribbean Weather

Most people travel to the Caribbean because of the region's amazing weather. Sunny with a steady breeze, the Caribbean provides ideal weather for hours of sunbathing and frolicking in the ocean. All islands, for the most part, offer the same climate with slight variations in weather patterns here and there (and the occasional tropical rainfall), making any island you select an ideal destination for your tropical paradise.

However, the majority of the Caribbean is within a hurricane belt. This means that during certain times of the year, the Caribbean can be hit by hurricanes. The official hurricane season in the Caribbean is June 1st to November 30th with August to October being peak months. Now even though the hurricane season is smack dab in the middle of prime summer vacation time, you need not worry. With technology today and weather tracking, it's now possible to identify when a hurricane or major storm will hit. So, if you're planning a Caribbean travel trip, find out what the current hurricane season is like and how the island of choice will fair during it.

Southern islands such as Barbados and Aruba, on the other hand, lie outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt and almost never fall victim to hurricanes. If you don't want to worry about planning your Caribbean trip around the hurricane season, the southern islands of the Caribbean are the best way to go.


Caribbean Activities

Each Caribbean destination has its own terrain and landscape, providing its own unique activities. Almost all destinations have amazing beaches, but some also have tropical rain forests and mountains. Puerto Rico, for example, has the only rainforest that's part of the U.S. National Parks system. Aruba, on the other hand, is one of the only islands that offer a non-tropical environment, offering dryer surroundings. So, depending on your Caribbean travel destination, your activities are limited to the natural makeup of the island. But in general, your activities will include sunbathing, playing in the ocean, nature hikes through the lush terrain (if available), trips into town to purchase the local merchandise, and experiencing the island nightlife.

Caribbean travel destinations are the key to a tropical getaway. With many island destinations to choose from, all offering optimal weather and relaxing activities, the Caribbean is definitely a destination to put on your list of places to visit.

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  • Prettyboy says
    Hot beaches, hot girls, hot weather.AWESOME!
  • barnes10 says
    if I had heaps of cash I'd go to the West Indies. Your pictures look sensational.
  • erin says
    OMG the photo makes me want to leave now..So cold with the flu and 3 sick kids haha
  • Millie says
    These pictures are absolutely stunning I have printed them off and am going to use them as what I like to call "deskinspiration" at work!!
  • Rugbylocos says
    I am sitting here with the temperature -2 degrees outside and looking at these images. I need to get to the West Indies! The beaches and water look awesome.
  • Danni says
    Man that looks so nice! I would love to be there right now!
  • Ella says
    Oh to be able to escape the cold that is NZ right now :) Looking at photos and hearing about the nice warm temperatures makes me want to move somewhere that is permanently warm...
  • Shaun says
    okay, today its pouring with rain outside, the wind is blowing and I am sitting wrapped in my granny's woolley blanket. If only I could 'teleport' myself over to the Carribean right now....
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    Wow! What a beautiful part of the world.
  • I think many people have the impression that the Caribbean is all about sunshine, rum and reggae...Jamaica is the first and sometimes only place that springs to mind...but I'm glad the article refers to the full range of Caribbean destinations. Countries like Puerto Rico, Guadalupe and Cuba aren't often thought of as travel destinations....but I know they have a heck of a lot to offer...

    My brother is in Cuba right now on a 3 month bicycle tour with his girlfriend. They are basically just exploring the country. Getting there wasn't too hard, and he is really enjoying the experience. Before hearing about his travels in his regular email updates back home to the family, when I thought of Cuba I really only had Castro, Communism and cigars in mind. But it's much more than that. My bro feels completely safe there, there is an amazingly rich culture and much to see and do. He's LOVING it, a once in a lifetime experience.

    So if you are thinking of heading to the Caribbean, whether for a relaxing holiday or an adventure, definitely look at all the options....there's so much to be discovered ;)

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