Tips For Travelling in Egypt

Tips For Traveling in Egypt

By: Nick Nikolis


From its seaside resorts to its historical artifacts, Egypt has a lot to offer its visitors. But finding a place to stay in a country with a housing shortage is not always simple, and this guide will help you find accommodations as comfortably and easily as possible.

To begin with, if you are going to Egypt for the first time to do some sightseeing, find a guided tour to go with. Guided tour packages are experienced and equipped with the necessities, and will help make your short time there worthwhile. From transportation and accommodations, to food and destinations, a guided tour will provide you with everything you need for an enjoyable experience, even if the prices seem a bit steeper.

If, however, you are looking to make a move to Egypt for a new job, as a student, or for some other reason, and you need to find more permanent accommodations, take the following into consideration:

  1. Get in touch with somebody from your own country that currently resides in Egypt, or has lived there recently. Preferably find someone in similar circumstances as yourself: another student, if you are there to study, a teacher if you are going to teach, etc. Having gone through the process of finding a place to stay themselves, they will be familiar with different locations, agents, prices, and facilities available. A contact will be your most valuable resource.

  2. Look for a reliable agent who can help you through the process. Again, ask someone from your own country if they can recommend any agents sometimes, agents or companies will pretend to have your best interest in mind, but will underhandedly make deals to overcharge you and profit from the process.

  3. Understand that prices in Egypt are not necessarily fixed. A lot of bargaining between a landlord and his tenants occur, and businesses typically start with higher prices, expecting to drop them during the negotiation. (This may not apply to big name hotel rooms or newer housing complexes catering to foreigners again, ask around.)

  4. If you look or speak like a foreigner, you will be treated as one. Many Egyptians may not understand the English language, but they do recognize it. They also happen to think that speaking English automatically makes you are American, and that all Americans are rich. This is why it is important to go through an agent, who, as a native, can make deals more naturally and effectively on your behalf. You will end up paying the agent for his efforts, but a good agent will make his commission price worthwhile.

  5. Realize that negotiable prices in Egypt are a double sided coin. Foreigners are accustomed to better living conditions than most Egyptians can afford, and might not mind paying a slightly higher price for it. So don t feel bad paying a higher price if it means your comfort, just be careful not to be scammed in the process, especially if getting ready to sign a long term lease!

  6. When settling on a place to stay, consider the following:

Look closely at all the bathrooms to make sure the conditions are suitable for you. Check that taps and showers are working, that the water pressure is strong enough, and that you can actually get hot water from the taps.

Check the kitchen for size and condition. Also make sure that the apartment is equipped with a gas pipe linked directly to the stove area. In many older apartments without gas pipes, you have to use gas cylinders instead. These cylinders are cumbersome and heavy, and if you run out of gas in the middle of cooking, you will have to replace the empty cylinder with another one.

If you will be staying during the winter or summer months, take heating and cooling systems into consideration. Most places do not have central heating, and you will want to purchase space heaters along with warm blankets and clothes for the winter months. But summers can be unbearably hot, so check for working air conditioning, at least. Seeing an air conditioning unit is not enough ask to turn it on and test it!

Consider the view outside the windows (and balcony, if applicable). You may want to make sure windows open up to a street, instead of facing directly towards another building or dingy courtyard. It may not be possible to have a good view from all locations in the apartment, but make sure you can get air and sunlight where you need them. Also, consider that Egypt can be polluted and congested (specifically Cairo), and the higher up the apartment is from the ground, the farther away from noise and air pollution you will be.

If you need easy access to your work or study location, live as close to the location as possible, and ask about transportation options in the area. Purchasing a car may not be the most convenient choice (price, traffic, etc.), but you can also travel by taxi, bus and metro. Taxi is the most expensive means of travel, although the most convenient. You can find taxis almost anywhere, and can even arrange with some to transport you on a regular basis. Buses can be dangerous and ridiculously crowded but if you learn your way around bus stops and their schedules, you can find decent seating. The metro is also an option, but like everything else in Egypt, is very crowded. If you are on a tight budget, buses and the metro will be your best option, with the occasional taxi ride when needed.

Although it may sound intimidating at this point, Egypt is a fascinating country that many people visit, revisit, and eventually fall in love with. So take the necessary precautions, but don't forget to enjoy your time there!

Author Resource:-> Nick Nikolis is writing about Hospitality Industry and destinations. Check here Egypt hotels and Cyprus hotels.

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