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Six months ago, one of my best friends called me to announce that she was going to visit Alaska and participate in a hiking group adventure! I admired her enthusiasm and her ability to overcome with ease any usual reservations one would experience when thinking of exploring an unknown land surrounded by strangers. Although my schedule did not allow me to accept her invitation and join this one-in-a-lifetime excursion, I decided to research on the opportunities Alaska gives to interested individuals and why would it pay off for someone to spend his or her summer vacations on a snow land.

Located on the northwest tier of North America and being the largest U.S. state in area, although the least populated one, Alaska is one of the greatest places one could visit to get a sense of nature's wilderness. Apart from seafood exports, Alaska's economy depends on industries such as natural resource, extraction, shipping and transportation. Recently, Alaska has been enjoying a great increase in its tourism sector. Visitors from around the globe have been allured by Alaska's beauty and decided to discover this land's amazing scenery of calm lakes and snowy mountain tops. Since Alaska is arguably the least-connected U.S. state in terms of road transportation, it offers a great opportunity, for those willing to explore the unknown, to visit its immense landscape by using one of the "alternative" ways of traveling. Backpacking, hiking and climbing, kayaking, rafting, cruising, dogsled riding, and camping or RV touring, can offer to visitors the chance to perform a number of outdoor activities, like bear watching, birding, fishing, flight seeing, glacier viewing, hunting and wildlife viewing. Alaska constitutes one of the most adventurous places one could visit and people that have explored this icy place on earth stated that its ecotourism is beyond compare.

"North to the Future" is the official state motto of Alaska, portraying this land as one of promise. If you hope that one of these days you will be given a chance to expose your eyes to Alaska's beauty, stop wishing and act. The Internet offers some amazing deals for you and your friends to enjoy again nature in its fullest and special packages can accommodate your needs and fulfill your wishes. You should always consider visiting a new place during your vacations. Why not exploring one of the purest places on this planet? Alaska is not just another place for you to engage in any outdoor activities. Some believe that it is THE place!

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  • I'd go to Alaska, but I'd be afraid Sarah Palin would accidentally shoot me.
  • I recently spent a month in Juneau, Alaska and it was by far and away one of the most incredible places I have ever been. Climbing into to the ice-cave in Mendenhall Glacier was absolutely breath-taking. While there I saw eagles, black and brown bears, whales, orca and sea lions, glaciers, mountain biked and hiked numerous beautiful trails and basically had the time of my life.
    While I didn't get to go snowboarding (being summer and couldn't afford to heli-ski), I'd recommend Alaska in the summertime to everyone.
    • JasonMantis says
      Isn't it very much like the South Island? I'd rather just go there...
    • Dude you've got to go, this will be one of those moments in your life that you will look back on and regret.
      Question though, how fast can you run and remember don't feed the beers or you may be lunch.
      l'd go given the chance, l don't do all this exercise to keep fit for nothing.
    • HairToday says
      Keep bouncing big boy....Alaska is also on the Cruise ship routes and people really do rave about it as an extraordinary and breathtakingly beautiful country....and for yanks to say that says it all. A once in a lifetime experience- but a real long way from home.
    • Sounds doubtful... rather Doubtful Sound.
    • Did it ever happen l wonder?
      If there is no feed back l would have to assume you were Lunch!

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