Keswick Island, Whitsunday's

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Keswick Island is a picturesque island in the southern half of the Whitsunday group, located 32 kilometres north-east of the tropical Queensland city of Mackay. Keswick Island is part of the Cumberland Group of islands that lay protected inside the waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
Wigton Island.

Keswick Island was identified as part of the Cumberland Islands Group by Captain James Cook in 1770.

Keswick and neighbouring St Bee’s Island were first designated together as L1 Island by Lieutenant Matthew Flinders, RN, in HMS Investigator in 1802.

Keswick Island was later named, after the town of Keswick in Cumbria, by Staff Commander E.P. Bedwell, RN, of the SS Llewellyn, in 1879.

Keswick Island covers an area of approximately 530 hectares with the majority designated as National Park. Keswick is part of the pristine Cumberland group of islands which includes St Bee’s Island, Aspatria, Scawfell, Calder, Wigton and Cockermouth Islands. Popular Brampton Island lies 7 kilometres to the North.
Arriving by Air at Keswick Island.

Keswick Island is separated from nearby St Bee’s Island by the deep waters of Egremont Passage. The eucalypt woodlands of St Bee’s support a healthy Koala colony currently being researched by Queensland Universities.

Visitors can enjoy the islands pristine natural beauty and enjoy a host of activities including swimming, snorkelling, fishing, beachcombing and bushwalking. Walking tracks through the National Park wind through pockets of tropical rainforest to the beach.

The Island is fringed by colourful coral reefs with abundant marine life which provide excellent conditions for diving or snorkelling at mid low tide. Three wreck sites, including the protected historic sites of ‘The Singapore’, a two masted sail and steam vessel, and ‘The Llewellyn’, a former coastal steamer, are located a few minutes from the island by boat.
Giant Clam at Arthur Bay, Keswick Island.

Humpback whales can be frequently seen around the island during their annual migration to the Whitsundays from July to September.

The closest transport hub is the city of Mackay. Keswick Island has its own sealed airstrip and is accessible from Mackay airport via a short 12 minute light aircraft flight or from Mackay harbour by chartered or private boat. Private moorings are available.

Accommodation for visitors is available at Keswick Island Guesthouse. Private houses are also available for holiday rental.

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Keswick Island
    Keswick Island is situated 32 kilometres off the tropical city of Mackay and is the southern most island in the Whitsundays.

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  • barnes10 says
    a mate of mine went to Whitsundays and said the Beaches are hot but the women are even hotter.
    So blokes best you pack your sunnies.
  • Millie says
    Wow!! What a gorgeous wee corner of the world - i'm definitely popping that on my bucket would be the perfect place to down some top notch vino from Wither Hills!!
  • JamesM says
    Am heading to Malaysia in July, would love some travel tips for both there and Thailand - hidden gems and less touristy attractions to visit would be great!
  • Prettyboy says
    Great to see Humpback whales are seen around the island so I won't look outta place when I hit the surf in my budgie smugglers!
  • Rugbylocos says
    Would great to travel there. Leave these earthquakes here in Christchurch behind and gets some R&R!!

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