How to Learn a Foreign Language: 6 Practical Tips for Every Day

Many of us have dreamed of such a superpower - to take and learn a foreign language at once. Unfortunately, unless you're from the world of Walt Disney or the Marvel Universe, it doesn't work that way.

You have to pick yourself up and work hard to learn a foreign language.

And yet learning a language can be more than just cramming incorrect verbs and grammatical structures (although, of course, without that, too). You can learn a language and do it with pleasure! How?

Surrounding Yourself With a Foreign Language

Everywhere. Translate the menu of your phone, the language interface on social networks, choose that language while gambling at Hellspin Casino, hang posters in the room, try to read and watch the world news on the Internet - maybe even get involved in politics, while you learn a foreign language.


How is your singing? It's time to convince your family that you're a born singer. We aren't kidding, find the lyrics to your favorite songs, look up their translations, and sing along!

The best way to learn stable constructions and colloquial expressions of a foreign language mankind has not invented yet. By the way, you have a great excuse to go with friends to a karaoke bar.

Talking to Yourself 

Each of us sometimes talks to himself - on the way home, before going to bed or on a walk with the dog - try to do it in the language you are learning.

You will see, the result will not be long, silent dialogues - the perfect practice for the future of communication with other people and learning a foreign language.

Don't try to be perfect! Make mistakes, forget words, say them wrong - the main thing in learning a foreign language, practice. On the tenth time, an error will be corrected, but if you're going to get every word in the dictionary, you'll never start speaking, it's checked.

Watching Movies 

Do you like watching movies? That's great! A great opportunity to practice the language, of course. If it's difficult to watch in a foreign language right away - start with subtitles.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Practice a foreign language every day. Talk to someone, or yourself - let people think you're a little out of it. Go into a store and pretend you are a foreigner, try reading foreign magazines.

Practicing every day will give you much more than even studying with a teacher every week.

Try to speak even when you don't know how to express it. You will definitely be understood!

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