Five Things to Remember for low cost travelers

Exploring the world is an extraordinary experience and provides you with an insight and understanding of the world which you live in. A new growing market has emerged; the market of low cost travelling. Many people are now able to travel on low cost airlines, stay in low cost accommodation and experience each country thanks to low cost transportation. 

However, there are always going to be a few factors to bear in mind when travelling on a low budget. One writer from gives her top five things to remember.

1. Pack Light

One of my friends who travelled to Fiji for a week wore all of his clothing on both trips across the Pacific. This enabled him to avoid paying the additional fee for a 20kg check in bag. While this example may be quite extreme, there is no point having more than a few clothing items on larger travels. It means extra weight and extra costs. As with most holidays are one month (or less), the fear of walking around in smelly clothing rarely comes true.

2. Avoid Tourist Dense Areas

Local businesses thrive on being in tourist rich areas. Hawaii is a good example. The bustling sights and sounds of the main centers in Honolulu are full of tourists who are charged rather dearly for almost every souvenir and meal on offer. Avoiding these areas is a sure way to keep your costs down. The locals are always happy to point out places where the daily specials are always reasonably priced.

3. Choose the right accommodation

You do not want to be in a room which is not well kept. So make sure that you do some research on the places you will be staying in. There are a lot of great travel websites in which users have given their general consensus on what the accommodation is like. Try and find a place which does not have any building problems, is clean and has a kitchen. These three things spare you extra health and food expenses.

4. Travel in the off season

If you take a trip to New Zealand to South Africa from December to February, you can quite often pay up to $4,000 for a return ticket. Compare this to a March ticket, and the price almost gets cut in half. A quick bit of research online can provide you with the best times of the year to travel through an area for a good price. If you aren’t sure when that is, just look out for the time when prices for travelling to that area are incredibly low. Be sure to book your ticket fast though. A lot of those sales do not last long.

5. Buy some Travel Guides

There are a lot of travel guides which have been written about almost every country in the world. Even North Korea has one written about them. Perhaps the best thing about them is how many useful tips, suggestions and recommendations these guides have on tourist attractions. You will be able to get a fair idea of which attractions, sight and sounds you can enjoy, without breaking the bank.

Having a limited budget does not mean you can’t have a good time in the places you are travelling to. If anything, it will help you go and see the true heart and spirit of the place. Happy travels.

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