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  • Perfect Steak

    25 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Food

    This is a very simple method of cooking steaks that gets absolutely fantastic results.  Next time you cook a steak, don't just fry it in oil, try this.  What you get at the end is a steak with miles more flavour, and not dried out on... More about Perfect Steak

  • Gucci Dive

    06 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Fashion

    Launched in 2013, the Gucci Dive collection extends to eight new quartz versions in a multitude of colours and effects. Water-resistant to 200 metres, they come in three sizes with a diameter of 32, 40 or 45 mm. In styles that are classic, on-trend... More about Gucci Dive

  • Where do we goâ...

    06 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Drink

    Whisky has gone through different phases, like all things in life…some good some bad, the ups and downs of a cycle that rolls like a wave. It’s not just the whisky but also the distilleries involved. Some thrive, some wither and some... More about Where do we goâ...

  • Cloudy Bay

    06 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Drink

    Cloudy Bay Believe it or not, one of our most famous wineries, Cloudy Bay Vineyards, was established by an Australian, David Hohnen. It was in 1983 when Hohnen first tasted a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - and he was astonished. In 1984 he went over... More about Cloudy Bay

  • City of New York

    05 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Travel

      New York City, officially named the City of New York, is the most populous city in the United States, and the most densely populated major city in North America. The city is at the center of international finance, politics, entertainment, and... More about City of New York

  • Indoor herb garden

    05 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Food

    How to create an indoor herb garden The use of fresh herbs for cooking is becoming more popular now than it has been for along time. Our forbears knew both the medicinal and culinary powers of herbs but it is only recently that fresh herbs have... More about Indoor herb garden

  • 8 Casanova style tips

    02 April 2018 / Lifestyle / Fashion

    Dress For Casanova Success There is a Singles Party.  You fancy the idea that in one large single room there will be eligible women and you don’t have to worry about the usual ‘filtering process’ to try to come up with those... More about 8 Casanova style tips

  • AVIATOR MIG-29 Cockpit Chrono

    30 March 2018 / Lifestyle / Fashion

    The MIG-29 Cockpit Chrono originated where it's most used, at the air base that is home to the "Swifts" Russian aerobatic display team. The team's pilots took inspiration from their flight instruments to describe the multifunctional... More about AVIATOR MIG-29 Cockpit Chrono

  • Types of Wine: Pick Your Grape

    30 March 2018 / Lifestyle / Drink

    I will admit that I'm rather picky. I will only eat certain kinds of food, rarely ingesting dishes entitled with words I can't pronounce or made up of animals I think are cute. And, I will only date certain types of men, limiting myself to... More about Types of Wine: Pick Your Grape

  • Where It All Started

    30 March 2018 / Lifestyle / Drink

    “Well designed blends are a true delight and well worth your attention…”I had a customer in the shop not so long ago and he came in with a certain air ……he first statement was: I don’t want any blends, because... More about Where It All Started

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