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Dan Sadgrove

Dan rock n rolled for 10 years, studied Ethnomusicology at varsity, guest dj's on the odd occasion (he says he'd rather be on the d floor) and was previously in charge of music at Alt TV. Got any new music you'd like him to check out email him

I love it when you see great ideas turned into great videos. You sit there in stunned silence at how a simple and obvious idea has been realised so effectively in another medium. Case in point, some of you may remember these amazing 360 degree panoramic shots from hugin.


Notre-Dame de Paris by gadl.

Basically taking a flat landscape and morphing it into a macroplanet panoramic version of itself. I remember seeing these and thinking they were awesome, but like every other amazing thing that get's forwarded to you daily, I instantly forgot about it.

Parc départemental du Val-de-Marne by gadl.

Popcore however, didn't forget when they used this great idea and turned it into a great music video. Namely Dizzee Rascal's new track, Bonkers, produced by Armand Van Helden.

Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers (dir: Popcore)


bonus video:

Watch Dizzee Rascal stage dive, apparently for the first time, at the Powerstation in Auckland, New Zealand during his Parklife tour in September 2008 here.




Now, here's a couple more videos with great tunes to sink your teeth into:


Royksopp - Happy Up Here (dir: Reuben Sutherland)

Space invaders, tiny cars, and a thousand light bulbs. Their album, Junior, was released in March this year. Don't watch if you are easy-to-queasy.


Phoenix - Lisztomania (dir: Antoine Wanger)

Their fourth studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, comes out May 25th worldwide. For those budding DJ's out there you can download their single 1901, free, as a multitrack to cut, mix and mash it up anyway you want.


The Big Pink - Velvet (dir: Rob Hawkins)

I don't know too much about this band, except that this is their new single, they're from London and they've signed to 4AD who are also home to TV on the Radio, St Vincent, Stereolab, Deerhunter and M Ward, but i like it.

Seen any good videos lately, post em below

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  • Sam Wiser says
    i love dub pistols, can't wait for their new album!

    • Sam says
      Sick track.
    • Todadisko says
      Dizzie Rascal is so the man! That video clip is amazing! Good on Popcore, thats a visional talent. I saw a you tube of this song live and wasn't totally impressed but the clip makes it!

      Thanks Dan!
    • Mike Won says
      i'd love to be able to do photos like that
    • Mike Won says
      Kanye ;)

      • Steve Hale says
        I can't stand Kanye as an individual, but you got to give it to the man he knows how to break tracks.
      • Graham says
        Cool clip
      • Simon says
        How the hell do they do photos like that??
      • Justin says
        Yep these songs and their clips are cool, kanye's music seems to change alot with every new album, i reckon!

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