Seafood, Cream and Thyme

How to make Seafood, Cream and Thyme

Seafood, Cream and Thyme


  • spaghetti or any type of pasta
  • marinara mix (fish, prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels)
  • potatoes
  • cream
  • garlic
  • thyme
  • butter


  1. Wash and peel potatoes then cube them into roughly 6-8 pieces per potato.
  2. Boil water with a little bit of salt in it then plop your potatoes in.
  3. Crush some garlic, as in squash each individual piece of garlic until it splits but is not broken into small pieces.
  4. Heat up a saucepan and add in about a cupful of cream, a spoonful of butter and the crushed garlic cloves.
  5. Do not let this mixture boil, make sure it only simmers but does not boil and stir it occasionally.
  6. When potatoes are done, take them out and place them into a bowl.
  7. Strip the thyme leaves off the stem and add that to the potatoes.
  8. As you mash the potatoes, slowly add in the cream, butter and garlic mixture.
  9. Add until you are satisfied with the consistency, some people like it more firm like me hence the mash potatoes look a tad dry in the photo, some like it more liquid-y.
  10. Serve and eat.

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  • Marcia says
    Haven't you forgotten the ingredients and method for the tomato based ragu sauce which is cooked with the marinara?
  • Wice says
    This is indeed, a recipe for mashed potatoes. Regardless of the fact that the rest of the recipe is missing, how bizarre to serve mashed pototatoes with spaghetti!
  • Yashmeens says
    I love Seafood. I'm just crazy for it. My mom cook different mind blowing Seafoods. I would like to share this nice recipe with her. She'll definitely try it.


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