Perfect Steak

This is a very simple method of cooking steaks that gets absolutely fantastic results.  Next time you cook a steak, don't just fry it in oil, try this.  What you get at the end is a steak with miles more flavour, and not dried out on one side which can happen if you're just nuking it in the pan without much thought.  Treat your meat well!


  1. Season the steak generously with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat a glug of olive oil in the pan until it is hot.  You want the steak to sizzle as soon as it hits the pan.  If it doesn't, that means you're just boiling the meat in oil and too much oil will penetrate the meat, making it greasy.  If it doesn't sizzle, just take the steak out and wait a bit longer.
  3. Seal the steak on one side in the hot oil.  Turn the steak over and add the garlic cloves around it to perfume the meat.
  4. Lay the rosemary sprigs on the steak and add the butter to the pan.  Let the butter get nice and hot, then with a metal spoon start spooning up the butter and meat juices and basting the top side of the steak (pouring it over the rosemary to allow the flavour to permeate the meat).  Tilt the pan slightly to make it easier for you to spoon up the oil.  Careful as you do this, mind.  Keep basting.
  5. Remove the rosemary temporarily with tongs.  Turn the steak over, put the rosemary back on and resume basting.  The oil should sizzle in a satisfying manner when you pour it on the meat.  Numnumnum.
  6. Continue for as long as you like your meat done.  I'm a medium / medium-rare type of guy and like it pink.  Remove the steak from the pan and let it sit for a few minutes before slicing and serving.

I served mine with a garlic mash (so easy, I just grated a clove of garlic, sizzled it in a bit of olive oil and added it to mashed potato with salt and pepper) and some steamed green beans.  A really simple, yet totally delicious dinner.  For one.  Ho hum.

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  • Rare (all red in the middle) 120-125 degrees, feels roughly like the flesh between the thumb and the forefinger of a relaxed hand
  • Medium Rare (all pink in the middle) 125-140 degrees
  • Medium / Medium Well (some pink in the middle/mostly gray) 145-155 degrees, feels roughly like the flesh between the thumb and the forefinger of a straightened hand
  • Well Done (all gray in middle), >160 degrees, feels roughly like the flesh between the thumb and the forefinger of a clenched hand
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  • Kelly says
    Yumbo!! I lurve steak. Im buying my partner a brand new bbq this xmas...ssshhh dont tell him, hes gonnna love it! Ill give this recipe to him as a hint...
  • Reno says
    Man this is making my mouth water...
  • 3 mins each side works for me. Resting it for a few mins is mandatory. I serve mine with cannelini bean mash.
  • New Member says
    I can feel the smell
  • New Member says

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