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The last time we interviewed Kyle Street, Depot had just won 2012 Metro Restaurant of the Year. Since then, Depot has been on fire with diners queuing up hours in advance for a seat. Famous for their oysters and flavorsome dishes using the best ingredients, the laid-back atmosphere of Depot has drawn New Zealanders from all over the country.

Head chef Kyle Street was involved with Depot from the very beginning, pulled up from Wellington where he first started his culinary journey washing dishes for Al Brown at Logan Brown. Fast springing his way to celebrity chef stardom, Kyle continues to wow diners with his fresh ideas at Depot and today we get to take a peek at his recipe for Harissa Lamb Ribs. Enjoy.

I know there are a huge variety of Harissa sauces out there, some fantastic some not so good. The recipe that follows is one that I have used for years now, and I never tire of it. It’s got plenty of punch, but is not overwhelmingly hot. There are quite a lot of fresh herbs which I think differentiates it from many other versions. It makes a good amount so there will be plenty left for you use however you see fit.

Serves 6

Step 1. Harissa Marinated Lamb Ribs

- 2 Roasted Red Capsicums (Skinned & Deseeded, rough chopped)
- 2 – 3 Fresh Red Chilies
- 2 Tbl Fresh Garlic (fine dice)
- ¾ Cup Coriander (Leaves Stalks and Roots)
- ½ Cup Mint Leaves
- ½ Cup Parsley Leaves
- 1 Tbl Tomato Paste
- 4 Tbl Brown Sugar
- 1 ½ Tbl Cumin Seeds (Toasted and Ground)
- 1 ½ Tbl Corriander Seeds (Toasted and Ground)
- 1 Tbl Sweet Smoked Paprika.
- 50 mls Lemon Juice
- 25 mls Lime Juice
- 100 mls Olive Oil
- Salt and Fresh Black Pepper to taste
- 2.4 Kg Lamb Ribs (400gm per portion)

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend to form a
smooth paste. Season with salt and pepper and refrigerate until
To marinate, place the lamb ribs in a suitable dish and add about half
a cup of harissa over them. Rub and massage the harissa over the ribs
and refrigerate for at least a day for best results. Refrigerate the rest
of the harissa.

Step 2. First Cook of Marinated Lamb Ribs
- Marinated Lamb Ribs
- 1 cup Chicken Stock.

Pre heat the oven to 150 degree’s.
Place the ribs in a suitable sized braising or roasting dish. Add the
Chicken stock then cover with tin foil. Place on high heat for 3
minutes or so to get the heat started around the ribs, then with a tea
towel carefully place in the oven.
Check after 50 minutes. Then in 15 minute intervals after that.
Remove the ribs from the oven when the meat is soft but not
completely falling off the bone.
Cool then refrigerate until required.

Step 3. Cooking and Serving
- Marinated and Braised Lamb Ribs
- Cooking oil
- Sea salt and fresh black pepper

Heat up the char grill or BBQ to high heat. Oil the lamb ribs and
season with sea salt and fresh black pepper. Place on the grill, to
golden up and take on a bit of char action. Brush with extra harissa
as you go. Remove when you are happy.

Delicious. Next time you have guests over, make sure you bring out these lamb ribs to win yourself the best dish of the night. To know more about Kyle Street, click here to read his interview and check out more of Kyle’s food in the Depot feature. If there’s a recipe for a particular dish you’re after, let us know! We’ll see what we can do to bring you more kitchen inspiration ;)

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