Healthy Fare Trending In 2017

With the countdown on and less than a week to go until the annual Christchurch Food Show, some of the show’s celebrity chefs have shared their predictions on what will be trending in food in 2017.

It would appear a focus on healthy, sustainable eating is common ground, with all of the chefs suggesting trends that will nourish and take us back to the basics of cooking and eating whole foods.

Michael Van de Elzen stressed: “Health and non-processed foods are here to stay.” He also mentioned he has been experimenting a lot with sorghum, a grass species cultivated for its grain that is a powerhouse food in terms of nutrition. Ultra-nourishing grains and superfoods such as this can be purchased at the show’s Healthy Hub, where knowledgeable foodies will be waiting to offer advice and encourage healthy habits.

If people thought the juice trend was phasing out, according to Annabelle White they are wrong. She claims in 2017 “juices will get bigger and we will see more raw food and healthy options.

When asked about her trend predictions, Annabel Langbein revealed, “people are becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of their food and knowing it has been produced ethically and sustainably. More and more people are keen to eat local fresh food that is in season and to cut down on waste.” Annabel also addressed the global health trend to decrease sugar saying, “the trend to reduce sugar is on the rise too but I am inclined to think just eating less processed food and cutting out fizzy drinks will address this.

But it’s not all wheatgrass and watercress - Langbein also suggested baking is coming back into fashion. “Baking is growing in popularity – the simple pleasure of home baking is a good counter to all the uncertainty and change in the world.”

For those hoping to learn healthy cooking secrets from the best, these chefs will be showing off their culinary tips and tricks during live demonstrations at The Food Show Christchurch.

Thankfully the show also has an entire zone, The Healthy Hub, which makes it easy to find healthy, ethical products and stay ahead of the curve. The Ceres Organics Kitchen will even have expert cooks showing you how to serve up delicious and nutritious meals. Learn how to make breakfast bowls and vegan mac ’n’ cheese, plus pick up tips on cooking quinoa and making ‘Superfood Squares’ for the lunchbox!

Tickets to The Food Show Christchurch, on at Horncastle Arena from 7 – 9th April, are available from

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