Fried Rosemary Potatoes with a Sour Cream and Chiv

Tips In the event russet potatoes are not available they can be substituted with purple potatoes or bintje potatoes as they are found great for pan frying. The Method Potatoes


Serves about 1-2 people The Ingredients -2 medium sized russet potatoes (cleaned, skinless and chopped into either fries or hashbrowns)

-½ tea spoon of Rosemary

-Just a pinch of Salt

-Just a pinch of Black Pepper

-Olive Oil

-Fresh minced Parsley

-Fresh minced Chives

-Sour cream

How to make Fried Rosemary Potatoes with a Sour Cream and Chiv

1.Clean, peal then chop potatoes. Then set aside.

2.Coat a medium sized skillet with just enough olive oil to fill the bottom of the skillet then bring to a medium fire.

3.Heat the olive oil until hot then add the potatoes to the skillet.

4.Season the potatoes with a half table spoon of rosemary, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper

5.Cook and flip until potatoes become golden brown and cook fully. Then set aside to drain from oil and cool.

Sour Cream Sauce

1.For each serving of potatoes, in a small bowl combine 1/3 cup of sour cream, half a table spoon of fresh minced chives and a pinch of fresh minced parsley wish well and serve.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.



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  • dory says
    YUMMMM! im going to try this one ;) Being a Uni student mince gets a boring, every. single. night. - almost. :p. It also looks like they could get the potatoes nice and crispy! Yum! Cant wait to boost up our 'repitoire' of food :p
  • Pierce says
    Where is the meat...?
  • How do you chop a potato into hashbrowns? Does that mean a slice of potato or grated into a pattie? Mmmm, hashbrowns. I love the Burger King ones. Speaking of, perhaps it means chopped into blocks (like in the photo)???
  • Keynah says
    Sounds and looks so easy to make! I'm gonna try this tonight! :0 thanks for the recipe :)
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    Om nom, nom, nom.
  • paula says
    these sound sooooooo yummy you can do so much with potatoes, i have to try these!!!
  • samala says
    Ok, tried this recipe out tonight for tea, sooo yummy. I chopped up some bacon into little bits and cooked it with the potato as well. Tasted so good. Will definitely cook this again. :-)
  • HUGH says
  • Liz says
    You really can't go wrong with fried potatoes, something magical happens once they hit that hot oil. I've got a good crop of chives growing on the window sill to so I'll be sure to whip this up for the next BBQ
  • Ebbz says
    Awesome to see something vegeterian on here :)
    Nom nom nom!

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