Barbecue 101: Direct and Indirect?

So you can do more than just bang a sausage on your barbecue? But are you really a pro at barbecuing?

In a recent survey by BeefEater Barbecues, only 33 per cent of Kiwi men surveyed said that they were better at barbecuing than the ladies in their life. So the good guys at BeefEater Barbecues are giving you some pro skills to use this summer.

To be a king of the barbecue you need to know the difference between indirect and direct cooking. These are the two different ways of cooking. Direct cooking, as the name implies, is where the heat of the flame is directly under the item being cooked.

Indirect cooking is where the heat circulates around the food, cooking by convection and it only applies if you have the hood down. During indirect cooking, your food isn’t in direct contact with the heat source of your barbecue. It’s similar to an oven and is recommended for rotisserie cooking, roasts, or anything thick that you want to cook through.

The golden rules of indirect cooking is to take your time and don’t lift the hood up. It’s a really good idea to invest in a barbecue with a window in the hood (like all BeefEater Barbecues) so you can see how your food is cooking without lifting the hood and losing your heat.

Here are some guides for cooking times and temperatures when cooking with indirect heat on a barbecue. Remember these can vary depending on the heat output of your barbecue, so use the thermometer of your barbecue to keep track of your heat.

Beef: 45-55 minutes per kg at 180°C
Lamb: 45-55 minutes per kg at 180°C
Pork: 55-60 minutes per kg at 170°C
Veal: 40-50 minutes per kg at 160°C
Poultry: 40-50 minutes per kg at 180°C
Seafood: 20-30 minutes per kg at 150°C

BeefEater is known for its meticulously designed and high quality, high heat-output barbecues. They are passionate about barbecuing and know everything there is to know about creating gourmet meals on a barbecue. For more information about the good guys at BeefEater click here.

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  • CORTEX says
    Perfact Car with the perfact idea for someone like me... passionate about barbecuing!
    Thanks for the guides for cooking times and temperatures... heat on a barbecue. I will keep that in mind, thanks!

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