Bacon wrapped scallops


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Who doesn't love bacon. Vegans and communists aside, bacon truly is God's food. And scallops? They're the princes of seafood - the gold nuggets of shellfish. I know! Let's add 'em together and see what we get...

The ingredients

  • Sea Scallops (10)
  • Bacon (10 pieces)
  • Chicken stock (maybe 2 cups)
  • One orange
  • Salt and Pepper (specialty salt and fresh ground pepper are a plus)
  • Butter (unsalted)

The method

After having scallops on my honeymoon in Barbados and then at area restaurants and finding that I love them, I wanted to figure out how to make them for myself. Friends beg me to make these for them. You can always skip the bacon and make more and have them for your main entree rather than an appetizer. Choosing scallops: I usually find nice big, healthy looking scallops. I ask the butcher to pick out the most symmetrical of the bunch so they cook evenly.

   1.      Preheat broiler. Juice and strain orange. Start to fry bacon. Use whatever method you prefer, but you want to make sure that the bacon is ALMOST done so that it doesn't harden when the scallops are done in the pan.
   2.      Salt and Pepper both sides of scallops. In frying pan (I prefer stainless for this, so you can watch the color) melt a decent amount of butter on low heat, once melted, turn heat to medium. When the butter just starts to brown, throw in the scallops. Allow 2 minutes per side. Do not touch them during these two minutes.
   3.      After the 4 minutes total for the scallops, pull them out of the pan and set aside on a plate. If your bacon is done, you can begin to wrap them with the help of a wooden toothpick. Otherwise, proceed to next step.
   4.      Drain excess butter from scallop pan. Return to heat and turn up to medium-high. Pour in the chicken stock and half of the orange juice. Scrape bottom of pan to loosen brown bits. After about two minutes, and all of the bits are loose, strain remaining juice into heat-safe bowl (I use glass measuring cup). I usually quickly rinse the pan so all of the bits are gone, then return the pan to the heat, then dump the strained juices back into the pan. Reduce heat to about medium.
   5.      While occasionally whisking the sauce finish wrapping scallops in the bacon, and prepare on broiling pan. You can dump any juices from the scallops into the sauce pan. As the sauce reduces, throw the bacon wrapped scallops in the broiler for 3 minutes.
   6.      Add the rest of the orange juice to the reduction sauce, reduce heat to medium-low, keep stirring with whisk. You don't want this to burn.
   7.      When the scallops are done, pull them and prepare a plate. When the sauce has reduced to about a ramekin-full, not quite syrup-like, make sure it is well mixed. Dribble as much sauce per scallop as you can.
   8.      Enjoy.

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