What are some tips and tricks for buying a new watch?

You can know a man’s worth by looking at his belt, shoes, and watch. Though some people view a watch as a gadget whose time is lapsed because of smartphones and other gadgets that tell time, watches go beyond just telling you what time it is.

After a month or year of hard work, you may want to reward yourself with a gift watch. Your friends could ask you which gift you would love on your birthday, holiday, or special; instead of playing humble, you can be specific and suggest that wristwatch you have always admired.

However, with the market inundated with fake branded watches, you want to be careful about what watch you invest your money in. A man’s watch shows their taste and their status in life. Buying a fake watch can tarnish your reputation and tell others you are cheap!

When deciding which watch to buy, you may have multiple thoughts running in your mind. You could ask questions like what material should you go with? How much should you spend? Should you go for a bracelet or leather strap? Should it be sporty or fitness-oriented?

Learn about classic watch styles

If you want to buy the best new watch, you need to learn more about watches. The horology industry (the science of building timepieces) is huge, and with new technology taking over every market, you will learn a great deal before making your ultimate wrist friend.

For years watch builders have mastered their craft to create iconic timepieces that outlive their wearers. You have heard of people who flaunt watches worn by their grandfathers in the 1900s, passed down the generation. These watches have stood the test of time and are still revered by the digital world.

You can learn more about watches through web articles and blogs that give updated information on wristwatch designs. You can also outline different watch brands like Seiko, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling, and Patek Philippe and check their websites to see their unique features before making a decision.

Lifestyle journals also give practical advice on selecting the right timepieces, depending on your preferences. Some popular journals worth looking into include ABlogToWatch, The Gentleman’s Gazette, and Art of Manliness. You can read these journals online in the comfort of your home.

Additionally, you would get some insight from a local jeweler or watchmaker. These merchants accumulated lots of knowledge about watches and took pride in sharing their knowledge about different wristwatches. By simply looking at your lifestyle, the salespersons can recommend suitable watches at these stores.

You can also look at reviews from online watch shops to determine a watch’s strengths and weaknesses. Reviews provide insight from watch owners and what they say about them.

Tricks and tips to help you when buying a new watch

Watch lovers arm themselves with various tips when purchasing a wristwatch to avoid being ripped off. Many merchants know that most buyers are naïve and can easily be duped into buying low-quality watches at exorbitant prices. You can become wise by considering these tips and tricks.

Know a watch’s true value

Many people rush to the price tag to determine if they will buy a watch or not. Though it is a good thing to consider pricing because you may end up with unnecessary debt without budgeting, you should look beyond pricing. A simple formula determines a watch's value:

(The feeling linked with wearing a watch x frequency of use)/ The watch’s price.

For most budget-specific-minded people, pricing reigns supreme. However, you do well to spend a little more cash to get a quality watch that will last longer. What is the point of buying a cheap fake watch only to go to the shop for another one?

Fake watches may appear stylish, but in no time, they stop working, leaving you frustrated. You may even start thinking that all watches are fake. Identify a good shop online or brick and mortar shop to buy a quality watch with a warranty.

If you spend on a quality watch, you will love it and wear it every day, thus reducing its cost per wear. In the end, a watch that seemed very expensive looks cheap with every wear.

Look at the styles and features

When buying a watch for yourself or others, you want to consider two factors: styles and features. If you love fashion and showing display, you will need big, sleek watches to complement your style. However, if you purchase a new watch for a pragmatist who is not a fan of gadgets and their functions, you can choose something simple with an easy-to-read dial.

However, if you buy a watch for a fashion hound, you want a watch with colorful dials or unique shapes to help your friend make a statement. Something with a unique look that people might notice and ask about at parties.

On the other hand, sports enthusiasts may need waterproof smartwatches with fitness features. These features may include heart rate reading ability or the ability to record lapse or distance covered.

Some people also value advanced features like Bluetooth, calling, and internet browsing ability. You want to know what features will make your watch more useful to you. If you know what watch features suit your needs and lifestyle, you will make better decisions.

Watches are classified into different styles, including luxury, casual, sport, and vintage. The watch style you buy is dependent on when you want to wear it the most. You could choose a luxury watch if you intend to wear your watch when attending classy business events. Conversely, if you want a traditional watch that looks neutral, you could go for vintage or casual watches.

Consider buyer’s protection

This factor is important for individuals buying a watch online. Before you load the watch into your cart and make payment, it is good to research the company’s reputation and the dealer.

If you realize you are dealing with a new company, check their testimonials or social media presence. It could help you find what people think of the company, and if they are reputable or not.

Ensure that the manufacturer provides a warranty to their watches and that they are ready to exchange your watch if it is damaged on transit or has manufacturing defects. If the sellers are certified dealers, the chances are they will issue standard warranties to cover the product for a given time.

Warranties also show that the manufacturer is ready to stand with their products and can defend their quality. Be careful of online merchants who want to close the deal as fast as possible without guaranteeing the shipment's safety.

The budget

We cannot downplay the value of budgeting when making any purchases. Watches come in different grades, and they also vary in material quality, craftsmanship, and labor involved. Therefore, they differ in pricing. We can categorize watches under budgeting in four categories: consumer watches, brand and enthusiast watches, luxury watches, and ultra-luxury watches.

Consumer watches (under $250)

They are also called fashion watches since they are worn with outfits. After a few years of usage, you will be content with their service if they break down. You can still get well-built watches that can last for decades at this price.

Enthusiast and brand watches (under $1,000)

You can get your first statement watch within this price range if you have disposable income. This price range has various quality levels. You get ripped off or get awesome deals. As a buyer, you want to try lover price ranges to ascertain that you will receive your money’s worth.

Luxury watches (ranging between $1,00-$10,000)

This bracket carries well-known names, providing value for your money. If you are willing to spend this kind of cash on a watch, your knowledge of timepieces should be impeccable; otherwise, you are being ripped off.

Ultra-Luxury watches (over $10,000)

These are watches with valuable metals and gems like gold, diamonds, and other rare gems. Most of them are not sold in the public market but sold to crème del a crème of the society. They often carry exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

Note: A watch can give you some feeling of status or power, but it is no investment. It will not give you returns at the end of the year. Paying for an expensive watch is usually just for the quality and (after a certain point only the) showmanship of it.

Consider brand name

Branding is a complex idea that confuses most people. However, people still identify with brands their friends introduce them to or brands for their first watches. Though you should not base your choice of a watch on brands, understanding them can aid your decision-making process.

You can dig online to find watches from well-known brands at affordable ranges. Well-known brands value reputation, so they are less likely to manufacture defective watches even in a low-price range. However, this does not mean that less-popular brands cannot produce quality watches.

Some of these less-known brands want to build their reputation and chop into the flooded market by producing quality products at reasonable prices. Research can help you see previous customer reviews and testimonials to ascertain the viability of various brands.

If you buy a new wristwatch as a gift for a friend, you could inquire about their preferred brands. Some people are brand conscious, while others love less-known brands to present an element of surprise. Your budget also weighs on the brand you go for. Popular big-name brands cost higher than smaller brands.


Watches vary greatly in weight. Some feel like bricks on your wrist, while others feel non-existent. If you are big or buying it for a big fellow, a heavier watch would fit their body and wrists well. On the other hand, small or thin individuals may be comfortable with light watches. The secrete is to choose a watch that is comfortable with your wrist.

Water resistance

Most high-tech watches come with some element of water resistance. This feature protects your watches from water splashes when you wash your hands or rained on. Sports-style watches often come with splashproof suitable for athletes who sweat during training or competition.

Water-resistance watches are also ideal for swimmers or divers. However, you will need to check the specifications because a watch can be splashproof and suitable for swimming. A watch can also be used during swimming but can be spoilt when diving deep into the sea. This will help you protect your investment.

Movements or power source

Watches have four types of movement or power source. The quartz movements need a battery to operate and are often less expensive. These batteries should be replaced after a few years.

Automatic watches get their power from your wrist movements. Solar-powered watches are powered by the sun, while mechanical watches need you to wind them once every day manually.

Consider after-sales service

Humans make mechanical watches; therefore, they need maintenance. They could also break and could need repair or service. Humans who assemble parts of the watches can also make mistakes that you may only realize when using the watch.

You can ask the dealer if they have a service center where you can take your watch if you need repair. They will tell you if you will need to send it back to the manufacturer, or they will handle your issues.

Inquire how long a repair will take; some brands can repair your watch for months, meaning you will not be able to use it. This could be frustrating if you bought it for a specific function that is coming up.

Do not forget to ask your dealer about the service cost, although some manufacturers list their repair prices on their websites. Some manufacturers charge high prices for repairs; you may think it is a car they are repairing!

The bottom line

A watch can tell a lot about the person wearing it. Your choice of watch you want to buy depends on many factors, including the watch's value, budget, style, features, buyer protection, customer services, etc.

A good quality watch demonstrates your individualism, ensuring you buy a watch you will love wearing. Having a good watch can seriously feel like winning on free spins at the casino. Since a watch shows your personality, choose it yourself. You can wear this timepiece for decades if you choose right and even pass it to others.

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