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Susana Tuya

Susana Tuya hails originaly from Peru. She is Director of La 'qua Image, which helps assist all different types of people to maximise their self-image potential.

We'll start with the basics, and go through your suit in general including your jacket, shirts, ties, pants, shoes, socks, jewellery and grooming. Onwards sartorial soldiers!


• Clothes that suit your physical shape
• Suit, tie and shirt in coordinated colours / patterns
• Short, clean well styled hair
• No excess hair evident or protruding from anywhere
• Light, elegant cologne
• Clothes clean and well pressed
• No buttons missing or hems down
• Nothing torn, stained or discoloured
• Shirt collars and tie knots are not loosened during the day
• It’s easier to dress down than dress up • when in doubt always err on the side of being over-dressed.
• To relax your look, first remove your jacket followed by your tie, and then release the first button on your shirt.


• Clean and free of wrinkles, dandruff, dirt or stains
• Your suit, tie and shirt are pleasingly and appropriately coordinated
• To be professional and people-friendly, wear a medium-dark single-breasted suit


• Lays flat across your shoulders with no wrinkles or rolls
• The length just covers your buttocks
• Drapes well, lapels lay flat against your chest, vents and pockets do not pull open when jacket is closed
• Buttons do not strain when closed
• A pocket handkerchief, if worn, is in a background colour of the tie (not matching)


• Appropriate colour and / or pattern
• Fits well around neck and the sleeve length is not too long or short
• Well pressed; no wrinkles in collar, cuffs or facing
• If buttoned, the collar should be loose enough to fit two fingers into the neckline
• Collar of shirt stands approx 1.25 cm above collar of jacket
• Sleeve extends 1.25 cm below the jacket sleeve hem
• Collar points lay flat against the shirt
• Sleeve length to wrist bone
• Top-stitching is even without puckering or loose threads
• Sleeves are only ever rolled up to just below the elbow


• Length ends within the width of belt
• Widest part of the tie matches widest part of lapel
• Tie knot is balanced with shirt collar width
• A four-in-hand knot suits most shirt collars


• Just breaking in the front
• If cuffed, the hem tapers toward the back
• Leg falls straight from buttocks
• Sits at natural waistline and is parallel to ground
• Pockets do not strain or bulge
• Well-pressed and clean


 •Well polished
• Lace-ups have the most professional image
• Dark colours: black, cordovan, or brown
• Thin or medium sole
• Avoid boots


• Fine fabric that is fine and free of pills
• Colour matches pants
• Subtle patterns that resemble solid from a distance
• Long enough to cover calf; no skin showing

Jewellery and other accessories

• Avoid bracelets, chains, fancy rings and earnings
• Watch is best if flat faced and of classic design with a gold, silver, or leather strap
• Avoid tinted glasses
• Braces should be in neutral colour to complement the tie, jacket or shirt
• Avoid clip-on suspenders
• Simple, classic polished leather belts and plain buckles that are in good condition


• Skin and teeth in good condition
• Free of all odours, especially body odour

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  • arturs says
    very good tips
  • Kiwi Gas says
    You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. A good shine is worth a thousand words.
  • Bobby says
    It also takes quite a bit of effort to get that shine..
    Good advice about it being easier to dress down than up!
  • T says
    Sock colour matches pants - so true, and so often missed by guys wearing white socks with black dress pants!
  • The only part I will really struggle with is the polished shoes part...I've been useless at that since I was a kid...
  • Hippynz says
    if i had a reason to dress like this, the article would have been wonderful

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