Top Ten Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Truly Madly Style is all about affordable style, no matter who you are, what you do or where you live, work and play.

Created by renowned professional stylist Brianna Wood, Truly Madly Style, works with men and women of all ages to help them achieve a personal style that makes them look and feel their very best.

Based in Australia and New Zealand, Truly Madly Style, is dedicated to making personal styling attainable for ‘ordinary’ people rather than just the rich and famous.

Brianna was first introduced to the fashion industry by her grandparents. Her maternal grandmother worked in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane sewing coats for Australia’s WWII Soldiers, going on to pursue a career with Sportscraft and sub-brands Aywon and Sportsgirl.  Her paternal grandmother worked as a designer and cutter – so it was no surprise when their granddaughter decided to enter the industry herself.

With a BA in Fashion, Brianna began designing menswear and surfwear in 2000, before moving into designer roles with Bolle, New Balance, Canterbury NZ and Rachel Hunter’s signature range of apparel. Travelling internationally to source fabrics, research trends, style and fit across a wide range of fashion including footwear and sportswear, Brianna has a depth of experience in Australasia and further abroad.

We caught up with Brianna and asked her about the top ten mistakes men make when it comes to fashion.


1. Pants without a belt – A belt finishes a look, and ok if you have your shirt untucked and are going for a casual look then maybe you can get away with it but ultimately it’s a no no. A belt can show your personality, it really does finish the look.

2. Improper pant length – Now this is a tricky one as some pants are made to be shorter in length and often they will be tighter in fit and be rolled at the hem – this is the look. But this does not mean you can wear your normal pants that you have in the wardrobe in this manner. Make sure the type of pant suits how you will wear it and that it fits you correctly.

3. Socks with sandals – If it is cold enough to wear socks then you probably are going to be warmer in shoes. If it is hot enough to wear sandals then you are going to be more comfortable without socks. It’s a horrendous look and one that should be kept of the streets.

4. Wearing running shoes outside of the gym.  Now in today’s society there are such a vast number of good street shoes that there is no excuse to be wearing running shoes outside the gym. We have all done it but if it’s not fitness focused don’t do it.

5. Mismatched suits and shoes – Although it may be subtle the wrong shoe with the wrong suit can really dampen your image. Men have many choices in terms of suit styles and colours and likewise with shoes. It is important to try and match the hues or choose complimentary colours so you look your best.

6. Ill-fitting clothes – ok ok so some clothing is supposed to be oversize and large but unless this is the look you are going for then best not to follow this trend. It can make you look sloppy and like you are wearing hand-me-downs and certainly not professional.  Remember we are initially judged on how we look appearance wise; is this how you want to be judged?

7. Bulging pockets – Pockets are there to help with everyday items, a slim wallet, some loose change, and a couple of receipts. They should not be your filing system. Where otherwise you may have a nice streamlined look the overstuffed pocket can take you back to square one.  The wallet filled with cash and a years’ worth of receipts is not ideal and may lead us to the conclusion you are not very organised. Keep it clean.

8. Excess Cologne – If a woman can smell you from across the room then why would she need to come any closer? This is the same for the professional arena. If you are attending meetings or are in closed door environments keep the cologne to a small amount.  Depending on the strength of the cologne a hint is always best. We do not want to be overpowered.

9. Being too buttoned up – There is nothing worse than a nice expensive suit jacket pulling due to the buttons. It is an age old tradition that if a suit jacket has two buttons you only do up the top button, if it has three buttons then you can either do up the top button, middle button or both but again do not do up the bottom button. This will keep the suit looking classic and smart.

10. Improper tie length – A man’s tie should always end at the centre of his belt buckle. This is a small detail but an important one, and should not be overlooked. Having a tie that’s too short or too long can make a man look incompetent.

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