Tim Hamilton Redux Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection


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This editorial shot by David Schulze, highlight an impressive preview of the Tim Hamilton Redux Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. Experimenting with fabrics and detailing makes the spin off collection of Hamilton’s main line one to really appreciate.

Thanks to COUTE QUE COUTE for the info.

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  • Millie says
    What a fabulous shoot!! I haven't come across Tim Hamilton's designs before - I love the colours and simplicity of his garments. Whats even better is that he has a little something for us ladies too!
  • T says
    Like the details of that pair of shoes! Modern, but not too crazy and out-there!
  • Kizami says
    Wow that first pic so so damn editorial. Totally convinced me of the bright block stripes. The ski jacket at the end is pretty funky, wouldn't think it was high fashion (if not for the shoes that barely made it into the frame!)
  • Phoenix says
    Am I the only one that thought these pictures were for a remake of the Romper Stomper movie? Okay, at least they look clean :)
  • Jackson says
    Good to see someone recognises that us guys can have a fashion sense too, and that outside of the business suit or shorts and tee we do like wearing clothes with a bit of flair and colour, in fact some of us have more fashion sense then our other halves - oops ducks to avoid the hairbrush that is zooming my way!
  • Kiwi Gas says
    Love the 'Dennis the Menace' top, although horizontal stripes can be a bit unforgiving if you happen to be blessed with a generous portion of midrift padding.
  • JamesM says
    Some nice styles - it seems the black, greys and neutral colours are big this season so it's cool to see some brighter colours especially as winter sets in. MisteR produce designer clothes down here in Christchurch and have had done well to get their winter range released with all the interruptions - looking very nice too. Check them out if you enjoy buying local and stylish!
  • matt lark says
    Lean on me.. that song is going around in my head after checking out photo 1. I can't stop thinking it.
  • Inky says
    wow.. colours and style epic, favourite the bold statement jacket in the last image.. would be definate in my wardrobe for this season, nice work !!

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