Ten things every man should have in his closet... pt.1

Susana Tuya

Susana Tuya hails originaly from Peru. She is Director of La 'qua Image, which helps assist all different types of people to maximise their self-image potential.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Ten basic things every man should have in his closet:

1. The "Hello, You Can Trust Me" Blue Suit Solid or 7/8 or 1/2 chalk stripe ) traditional cut "well tailored",  two or three button (depending on your height) in an all season high performance worsted wool and cashmere fabric.

Your coloring and season (Autumn, Spring, Winter or Summer) will determine the intensity of the blue from deep intense navy to royal blue.  The blue suit is the "correct suit" in just about every social scenario from business meetings to social gatherings it works perfectly.

Choose high performance soft fabrics, for this is the suit that will receive the most wear and it needs to be in a fabric that is comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time.

2. The "I Mean Business"  Grey Solid Suit Italian cut "well tailored" with a wider shoulder expression , two or three button (depending on your height) in an all season silk and cashmere blend.

This is a suit you will wear in more solemn and serious environments like courtrooms or board meetings or social scenarios like funerals.  It creates a look of authority and power.  It is indeed a true power suit.

Again, your coloring and season (Autumn, Spring, Winter or Summer) will determine the intensity of the grey from dark charcoals to the lighter greys.  This suit should have a subtle to medium sheen to give the wearer a luminous look intensifying the image projected thus the cashmere / silk fabric.

Note: If you are only going to have two suits in your closet they need to be well made.  Why wear clothing that isn't going to look good or last?

3. The "Uniform, White Dress Shirt" (well tailored) in 2 ply sea island cotton or 2 ply twill 100% cotton, in straight collar "only" for suits please (don't ruin the look of a suit by wearing a button down with a tie; with sport coats and blazers a button down with a tie is o.k.).

If you wear a suit regularly, you will probably need a least six in your closet and please never wear this shirt without a tee shirt underneath.  Why 100% cotton?  It just looks and feels better.  It's also a more breathable fabric.  Wash and wear or cotton blends cause you to become more heated because of the synthetic weave.

If you want to avoid wrinkles request "heavy starch".  Your coloring and season (Autumn, Spring, Winter or Summer) will again determine the intensity of the white from the luminous bright white to the cream or subtle oyster colors.

4. The "Classy, but informal Blue Blazer" In a traditional or contemporary cut less fitted with a fine weave Super 100's gabardine wool fabric, the blazer should be somewhat loosely comfortable but not baggy.  This always works in a pinch and can be worn over shirt and tie or polo.  Traditionally worn in casual less formal social scenarios but can be worn in business environments as well. 

5. The "Intrepid Red Hand Made Silk Tie" in shade of red / burgundy that matches your coloring and season, solid or a conservative pattern in a length that is right for your height.  Why red?  It adds enough contrast to the rest of your garments to give you a look that captivates and compliments.  Why hand made?  Because it lasts.

Log on next week for part 2.

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  • bryn says
    This all sounds good in theory, but if Frank ran a poll, I doubt many readers would have more than one or two of these items. And for those with more than two of these items I bet they are either lawyer, accountant or about 60 years old. Are these "essentials" really relevant?

    I work in an office environment, consider myself well presented on a daily basis (and take pride in my appearance) and can honestly say I don't own a blue suit, a blue blazer, a grey suit or a red tie... Who is Susana trying to dress here?

    • JasonMantis says
      There's something sooo American about this pic. Not sure what. One guy to the other: "So... how the fuck do I get past level 45 on Angry Birds? They made it wrong man... waaay too difficult!"
    • Derrick says
      I have a red hand made tie and a Grey Woolen suit.
      When I wear them togathe ri feel unstoppable. There is no question, the outside dictates or at least influences the mood every day.
      I do agree with Bryn however, most Kiwi office jobs don't require the Blue suit unless yr in the 'Proffessional' fields of Law or Accontancy (or the escort trade...).

      My open collar YSL is fine thanks!
    • Neil says
      I work in a corporate office where the wearing of a tie is optional. I opt out of wearing them and wonder what advice you would give to still looking smart and professional at work?
    • Reno says
      I wish I could afford to have all that... but I'll be sure to once I have the funds.
    • I don't think any man needs any of that. Put in your closet exactly what you want to and sod what anyone else thinks.

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