Real men don't carry handbags.

Hassan Luwalira

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Women and bags share a bond stronger than handcuffs. Telling a woman to leave her home without a handbag is like asking a divorce and destructive police officer to work unarmed, it’s an improbable occurrence. Understandably women need a bag to carry one or two support items and an emergency makeup kit in case they miraculously stumble into a member of Backstreets Boys who invites them over to the studio. Let’s not forget that the trousers women wear usually have the pocket capacity for a couple of M&Ms.
Murse, male bags, Sverige mode, men style, satorialist style, Damier Graphite, menswear, Louis Vuttion, LV, Scandinavian fashion, skandinaviskt modeStill, the paranormal worship of handbags isn’t out of love for functionality or else women would be crazy in love with food boxes too. Even women with no desire to compete with Sienna Miller in style, spend a bowl of cash on bags. The pride of a woman and the gleam in her eyes when rocking a dream bag is that of husband showing off a newly bough high tech lawn mower to his neighbours. Laying a bag down on the table and making sure the front is facing other potentially jealous women in the room is extreme sight of devilish passion brought out of soul when bags straight from the runway is involved.
That devotion to handbags shall be left for women and never grow in any man’s heart. Women have handbags, men have bag. A bag is an accessory and shall be treated as a sidekick holding personal belongings while blending in with the rest of your character without distracting your overall look. Bright, colourful and bags with overcomplicated appearance should therefore be shut out of any man’s life. Just like a fancy car like a Mercedes CLS63 AMG you might be complimented on an attractive bold bag but the compliment might be aimed at the bag rather than yourself. A confident style never needs to be compensated for by theatrical accessories. Last year Louis Vuitton launched their formidable Daimer canvas in a manly graphite colour scheme. Using a appallingly boring looking model instead of using an irrelevant A-list star, LV have once again failed at making an inspiring ad campaign for a men’s range.

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