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Susana Tuya

Susana Tuya hails originaly from Peru. She is Director of La 'qua Image, which helps assist all different types of people to maximise their self-image potential.

Looking good in your clothes while losing weight is one of life’s greatest fashion dilemmas. For this reason we have put together some handy & effective stylish tips for you!

The best approach is to purchase a few selected items that will flatter your figure until your mini-keg reveals the 6-pack within.  Of course, this all depends on where you have started and where you wish the scale to end.

Stay away from ill-fitted clothing

One of the Top 10 ways to dress 5 kgs thinner is to ‘stay away from ill-fitted clothing’.  At times as we go through a weightloss process, we may still find hard to disown the old-dressing habits.  In terms of tops, you might believe baggy (all covered up) is better - but think again.

Alter to your needs

Firstly, select a couple of items i.e. your favourite pants (that go with everything), shirt, tee, whatever.  You can go down two sizes without having too many problems with your wardrobe; just some minor adjustments will be needed.

With shirts, you can take in the seams up to one inch under the arm and down the side seams.  Pants, you can take in seams in the crotch and side seams.  This will work on slacks, but definitely not on jeans.

Alteration services that can do this are relatively quick and cheap, a good place to find the one nearest to you is in your local Yellow Pages.

Recycle or borrow from friends

Do you have any friends who are either going through the weight loss process or friends who can assist you with clothing as you shrink sizes?  It is amazing how many people keep clothes which are a couple of sizes larger as much as a couple of sizes smaller.  You never know.

Another tip.  If your wardrobe consisted of designer or expensive items, instead of throwing them away or to the charity bins (take your other not so expensive items to these bins) why not sell them through a consignment shop?  Use the credit from these items to purchase for the ‘new you’ from either this shop or another.

Layer me. 

Whenever you wear a third layer – either a singlet, vest, jacket or a sweater over your blouse or shirt, you are creating an opportunity to appear slimmer.  However do not add bulk!  A great way to inject some fun and colour this summer would be to wear a singlet under a shirt, or two t-shirts or singlets together, or the indie favourite: a tee over a long sleeved tee.  The first layer will act as a skin and any cuddly handles can be minimized and less apparent.

Your V’s & H’s 

Remember the ‘art of optical’ illusion?  Whenever you put on a garment or purchase one, always remember your Verticals (lengthens) & Horizontals (widens).  If you do not pay attention to them, they will pay attention to you, and mostly not to the areas you wish to attract attention to.  Create Vertical illusions with chain or fabric belts slung loosely around your waist.  The belt can be adjusted to fit your upcoming sliming waistline.  A pair of boots can also help jazz up your look this summer.

Celebrate the ‘New You’! even if you cannot see the end result yet

There was research conducted many years ago to determine if humans see with their eyes or with the brain.  They took three men and gave them upsidown bifocals. These men wore these for a period of time viewing their world upside down.  After a certain period of time, these bifocals where removed but these men still saw their world upside down for up to periods of three months and more! 

The human brain is amazing and what we see with is what our brain remembers.  So, if at any stage you find yourself in a frustrated space where you may feel that you cannot ‘see’ the results for yourself despite what your friends say or how loose your clothes may seem, remember the upsidedown bifocals experiment.  It takes time before the brain catches up to see the ‘new you’ which is why it is important not to self-sabotage - start dressing sexier straight away, and start celebrating the new you not just at the end of your weight-loss process but also throughout!  A waist starts to appear?  Great let’s accentuate this, your ass appears firmer? Great, let’s accentuate this too!

“If you enjoy the journey you will reach your destination a lot quicker”

Start fresh without the old habits

I am true believer on rewarding hard efforts.  And if you wish to make some purchases for yourself make sure that these items are adding value to 1) your natural assets & 2) your exisiting wardrobe.  By all means avoid repeating past mistakes and filling up your wardrobe with a number of single items which are unable to match and are in the wrong style & colour.

Remember that style is not about having a full-wardrobe, it is not about having the latest fashion or the most expensive labels - it is about expressing your unique personality, maximising your unique assets and learning to camouflage those less flattering areas which we all have.

So, make investment purchases.  Ask yourself before you purchase any new garment. Does it suit my: 1) Colour, 2) Style, 3)Personality (believe it or not there is such thing as clothing personalities) and finally 4) Lifestyle!

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  • Darren says
    Great tips thanks!
  • Nutta Pete says
    Great advice. I've sometimes found good quality second hand items can get me through a 'transitional' period. These seem to be at the end of summer when I haven't been playing as much sport as usual and my office clothes get a bit tight.
  • collin says
    I usually upsize,make me feel slimmer.
  • T-shirt,Jeans,Sport Jacket and a pair of good shoes that me.
  • bren says
    Great advice, very timely for me
  • a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, a pair of nice black leather shoes and a selection of shirts and that's all a man should ever need.
  • EarlyRiser says
    "In terms of tops, you might believe baggy (all covered up) is better - but think again."

    I like my baggie shirts! By leaving some of the length hanging out over my belt, it looks like the shirt is responsible for the girth rather than my actual size.

    I hate the fact that men get a pot belly. It looks aweful when the belt has to tie up underneath it. Women tend to bulk up further down than men and just look better.

  • Michael says
    That man needs a lesson on how to put on a tie ..first on his back , then in his shoes , disgracful!

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