Dressed for Love

Miranda Likeman

Miranda Likeman is an internet journalist whose seduction technique involves preying on drunk men.

Planning a romantic Valentines Day with a special lady? GetFrank advises men on how to remind her why she agreed to go out with you in the first place and keep her wanting more…

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Remember that it’s not just any old day, and women appreciate it when you make an effort – so choose your outfit carefully enough to make it special but not so formal that you’re going to be uncomfortable. Don’t over or under-dress - if you’ve planned a picnic on the beach, a tidy pair of trousers and a breezy long-sleeved shirt is all you need. If it’s a dinner out, break out the dress pants and maybe wear that shirt she bought you for Christmas that’s still neatly folded with the tag attached. Bottom line – be yourself, just look better than you do every other day.

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Make sure you look fresh and polished. Take a shower, have a shave and make sure your shoes are clean. It’s the little details that really make a difference and besides, even the nicest suit won’t help you in the romance stakes if you smell like you’ve just come from helping Billy Bob and Brandine herd sheep out on the farm. If she sees you’ve made a real effort it’ll make the night so much more special for her because she knows you really care. Remember how much effort you put into your appearance on the first date, then double it. If it’s a relatively new date, these little grooming details say to her you’re independent and can take care of yourself (in other words you don’t still take your laundry back to mum or expect the missus to do it for you).

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If it’s a surprise you’re planning, you’ll need to give her some idea of what to wear or she’ll never make it out of her house! Maybe pick out a new dress in her size (take one of her friends with you) and lay it on the bed with a note. Make sure you subtly advise the occasion (formal or casual), and any special things she should know (eg. “wear shoes for walking”), as there’s nothing worse for a woman than to turn up somewhere and feel she isn’t dressed right. Give her just enough info to prepare her but not so much that you give it all away.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to rekindle the romance so enjoy and feel like a million dollars!

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By Grayson Coutts

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