Clothes Washing Tips and Tricks

Carl Thompson

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nullWhile overseas I learnt some really neat tricks and tips for keeping your clothes in great condition.

100% cotton, which most t-shirts are made out of, should be either hand or machine washed separately in cold water to keep them in their finest condition. Cotton is a natural plant fibre and needs to be treated with care. Washing in warm water is fine but cold water is best for keeping colour and shape longer. If you're washing in cold water, remember to use a cold water detergent. Air-drying outside in shade is ideal because a dryer may shrink the fabric. To press, turn inside out so the print does not get damaged and set the iron to the ‘cotton’ temperature. Store in a warm, dry place ready for its next outing.

Hoodies need just as much care and attention as your t-shirts. Hand or machine wash in cold or warm water using fabric softener so the fuzzy inside stays snuggly. To keep prints fresh, iron carefully around them on a low heat and store in a warm, dry place ready for the next wear. are some basic rules to washing denim. First, only wash denim when you absolutely need to. Denim will shrink and lose colour when wet. Cold wash inside out and air dry on a line. Washing will shrink your jeans and you will have to wear them for a couple of days to bring them back to normal. If you want to avoid your jeans shrinking in the wash but need to get rid of the smell, a little trick is to pop them in the freezer overnight. You can also wash denim in the bath with cold water and a cup of white vinegar. The vinegar will help keep the colour in.

Here are some basic rules to wash by:
1. Only wash your clothes when they really need it.
2. Wash your whites and colours separately. This will avoid dye going on to your whites and it will also keep your whites whiter.
3. Only use the dryer for smalls (undies). Air dry your clothes on a clothes horse or washing line.

If you can follow these rules, your clothes will last longer, look better and save you money.


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  • Edgar says
    yep that is true i have done the same and it works you may also use salt instead of White vinegar you can use salt will do the same trick thumbs up carl

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