Can our clothes make a difference in our lives?

Susana Tuya

Susana Tuya hails originaly from Peru. She is Director of La 'qua Image, which helps assist all different types of people to maximise their self-image potential.

Only last week I had someone make the following comment to me: ‘How can the clothes we wear make a difference in our lives?’  My companion was startled at this question and took a double look at this person as if saying ‘Don’t you know?’ Me, I was excited because this is the exact opportunity I welcome for opening someone’s thinking and the opportunity for him or her to make a positive change in their lives.

We live in a pretentious world (particularly those of us in Auckland) and it is normal to think that maybe taking time for ourselves - and even hiring a professional to help with our wardrobe, is something just too selfish and vain to do when there are so many other things that need to be done.  That sort of thing is only for the rich, for the vain or for the pretentious.  Hmmm, maybe you have thought that?
Well I agree; I thought the same once.  When I submerged myself into studying to become a professional image consultant I discovered how little I really knew about fashion and myself.  Image consultancy is about embracing your body and your ‘unique features’.  It is about learning to maximise your unique assets and learning to camouflage those less flattering areas, which we all have!

It is only then (once we become clear about our unique assets), that we can begin to look and feel great. Does your image reflect this?
Take yourself back to the last time you put on a particular item of clothing and you looked yourself in the mirror and ‘damn—you said to yourself— 'I look so hot that I am going to turn some heads today’. Remember that time?  Remember that particular outfit?  What was it?  Do you remember how great it felt, and how tall you stood?
Or the last time your partner, your peers or even a stranger gave you a compliment on how you looked.  How did that make you feel?  I bet you could not stop smiling, maybe internally, and probably caught the reflection of yourself more times than usual? 
So, are we understanding the impact our outer image has on our inner confidence yet?  When we know we are maximising our self-image potential we not only look more confident but our self-esteem is boosted.  When we look good, we feel great and this has a contagiously positive impact in other areas of our lives.  A common example of this can be seen at a job interview, at a special event or maybe even a date.
But why save this amazing feeling for only special occasions or give only a couple of items of your wardrobe the power to make you look attractive?  How about this for a concept?  

How would you feel if you wake-up every morning and you are excited to get dressed, even though you're not gay? 

Because you know that you are going to feel fabulous and, top it up...

It’s going to be easy rather than time consuming.

What a concept!

To find out more on how to enhance your natural looks you can contact Susana directly.

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