5 Good Reasons Why Every Man Needs Cufflinks

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2k1OTYucGhvdG9idWNrZXQuY29tL2FsYnVtcy90dDQ1L2dldGZyYW5rLzEyMDcwOS9jdWZmbGlua3MuanBnDo you think cufflinks are just for high school balls and weddings? Most guys are under the impression that wearing links make them look arrogant and pompous. This is a total misconception! Truth is, cufflinks can be the most interesting part of your whole ensemble if you wear them correctly.

Not sure whether you are a cufflinks kind of man? Here are 5 good reasons why every man should wear a pair of cufflinks:

1. Women Cannot Resist a Man in Cufflinks!
I bet you've never heard a woman actually talk about it but it's true. Chicks dig cufflinks because they know a man who wears them has class.

You've probably heard rumors that ladies love to see a man in uniform and the cufflinks obsession is closely related. Studs are the uniform of a successful business professional. If you want to get some attention from the women in your office, just put on a pair of French cufflinks that match your silk tie and you will soon have women all over you in the elevator.

2. Cufflinks Make People Believe you are Wealthy
In case you have not noticed, people with money get treated with a lot of respect in this world. If Bill Gates enters a restaurant, you better believe that the hostess is going to seat with him immediately. However, if a guy walks through the door in jeans and a ratty shirt, he will end up waiting an hour before he even gets a table.

Cufflinks give you the appearance of wealth. People will assume you are rolling in it and you'll get better treatment everywhere you go. Ever noticed salesmen tripping over themselves to help you when you enter a store wearing a pair of cufflinks? They assume you have money to spend and will not waste time in helping you as you shop around looking for a silk tie to go with your studs.

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2k1OTYucGhvdG9idWNrZXQuY29tL2FsYnVtcy90dDQ1L2dldGZyYW5rLzEyMDcwOS9qYW1lcy1ib25kLTAwNy1ub3ZlbHR5LWN1ZmZsaW5rcy5qcGc=3. You Feel Like a Stud When you Wear Cufflinks
A set of cufflink studs can make you feel like you have transformed into a suave real-life James Bond. All you need are a pair of dark sunglasses and a well-fitting suit to complete the look! Cufflinks give you that extra panache and you will notice it by the subtle glances that the ladies throw your way at the office or at any social function.

4. Cufflinks will Help you Land your Dream Job
Cufflinks paired with a nice suit and a silk neck tie ooze sophistication and professionalism. If you arrive at a job interview in an ordinary suit, you will blend in with everyone else who walks through the door. But if you take that extra step and put on some nice French cufflinks, you will stand out from the crowd. Your interviewer will notice that you took the extra time to pay attention to details. This could be the quality that will push you to the top of the list and will help you land your dream job.

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2k1OTYucGhvdG9idWNrZXQuY29tL2FsYnVtcy90dDQ1L2dldGZyYW5rLzEyMDcwOS9zdXBlcm1hbi1jdWZmbGlua3MuanBn5. Cufflinks Provide a Fun Distraction
If you've ever been bored to tears in a business meeting, you probably were not wearing cufflinks. It may sound absurd but they can actually help you pass the time. You can find all kinds of fun, novelty cufflinks that are quite amusing. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and you can get cufflinks that double as tiny clocks, miniature pairs of scissors or even tiny compasses. The options are truly limitless and your novelty cufflinks can provide a fun distraction during mind-numbing meetings or phone calls.

By: Hendrik Pohl

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  • You left off Reason #6: Cufflinks stop you dipping your sleeves in your soup...
  • Cindy says
    There are some awesome cufflinks out there, I think they are classy for guys!
  • I can resist a man in cufflinks - I dont actually know many guys who use them - even those I know who wear suits to work. Maybe theya re making a comeback cos I always thought they were kind of old fashioned :-)
  • Joe says
    Reason number two undermines the whole article with the Bill Gates example, Bill Gates is likely to be the guy who "walks through the door in jeans and a ratty shirt", which undermines the stereotype of wealthy businessmen wearing cufflinks.
    Furthermore, I don't think anyone would take you seriously if they saw you wearing 007 cufflinks, unless you were at a costume party.
  • pablo says
    Novelty cuff links are even worse than novelty ties.

    There could be some truth to this article though, I've landed a few jobs and a few women wearing stylish cufflinks, not sure they helped, but who knows.

    I would hazard a guess that cufflinks aren't popular in offices because they are not highly compatible with typing, and then there is the extra time it takes to get dressed each day.
  • CAM says
    I think putting on cufflinks to go out can look really good - when you need to be formal. The novelty cufflinks are only any good if you sell souvenirs or novelty ties to the tourists. I guess it you are the mad professor and have cufflinks to match your bow tie you might get away with the "novelty factor". But then you probably also count away the hours by counting coffee spoons and don't care much for web sites as useful as Frank!! I wonder if anyone has cufflinks to match my hat?

  • Geoff says
    Cufflinks are cool and make such a statement. The novelty are great fun and such a good converstaion starter - like all clothing and accessories they do need to be appropriate for the occasion. They are also so much nicer than plain old buttons on the sleeve.

    Love the Superman cufflinks
  • v says
    i saw some cufflinks once that said life is a bitch then you marry one... Love it!

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